Queen Bee divides church

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Queen Bee divides church

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WHAT is that we hear about this other elderly woman who is luring young married men in church in that suburb whose name has something has to do with water?

I mean that other church that added the country’s name to its identity after defecting from the church that has its roots in the former colonial master’s land.

While Blabber thought she would play a motherly role in church, judging by her age, she has become a thorn in the flesh for many women who are fearing for their husbands.

Word reaching Yours Truly is that she is pouncing on young men, especially those with uncontrolled love for the green bucks.

Blabber has it that she is dangling cash to override church procedures much to the chagrin of fellow women.

As if that was not enough, Yours Truly is also aware that the church leadership no longer has control over the Queen Bee including the pastor who is also said to be feasting on her.

The poor pastor’s wife is said to be receiving gifts and money from Queen Bee as a way of blindfolding her from seeing what is happening behind her back.

What is disturbing the most is that the whole world knows our Queen Bee is terminally ill and on her meds. One wonders how many more will get infected.

Gentle reader, there is much more to this juicy one and Yours Truly is certainly not yet done.

Blabber is Christian too and hopes the Good Lord will help save souls in this church. Amen!

When a woman is fed up, she is fed up!

Word reaching Yours Truly is that there is this other mechanic who is now head over heels with a certain lady who works in a well known supermarket.

I mean that other mechanic who is now operating his own garage somewhere in the city’s industrial area and the lady who works for a retail chain known by just two letters of the alphabet.

Blabber is actually happy for this light skinned supermarket boss after she went through hell at the hands of a promiscuous husband.

The pint-sized, dark and ugly former husband, whose face resembles that of a hippo, failed to control his sexual appetite to the extent of declaring his sexual shenanigans to innocent wife.

Now that the wife has moved on, Blabber wishes them a life full of happiness ever after and this fool, the former husband, will soon realise that one should never treat the mother of their children in that manner.

Till next Friday, remember to take good care of your loved ones!

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