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6 days ago | November 20, 2020

EDITORIAL COMMENT : Marital rape: Elephant in the room

FROM November 25 to December 10, the world will join hands in commemorating the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based ...

Prioritise children’s safety

NOW that all children are back in school, it has emerged that Covid-19 is not the major threat stalking them.

Buried alive in search of gold

A DARK cloud descended on Manicaland last week following revelations that several illegal gold panners who ply their ...

A melting pot of morals

WHAT is this that we hear about a certain watering hole that has since been turned into a love nest for same sex couples?

Bearing burdens: The Holy Qur’aan speaks

“None shall bear the burden of another.” (Chapter 6 verse 164)

2 weeks ago | November 13, 2020

Herbal medicine craze explored

AS the health sector continues to charge an arm and a leg for medical services, herbal medicines are finding their way ...

Finding hope in unlikely places

WRITTEN boldly in charcoal on the walls of a mud plastered hovel, the words ‘Welcome to Nyabamba Clinic’ are the first ...

Editorial Comment: Beating diabetes, cancer

IN 2007, the United Nations General Assembly adopted resolution which designated November 14 as World Diabetes Day.

Lightning ‘recipe’ unveiled

THE cool breeze sweeping across the hinterland of Sahumani Village deep in the thickets of Honde Valley on a sunny ...

End of bush boarding era

Following the refurbishment of Ndorwe Bridge that was destroyed by Cyclones Eline and Idai, life has returned to normal ...

Examining fraudulent documents

The majority of fraud investigations involve employing investigative techniques such as interviewing, document ...

3 weeks ago | November 6, 2020

EDITORIAL COMMENT : Building integrity, shun corruption

SUSTAINABLE change comes from within and therefore the first step towards redemption is through sincere introspection.

Underneath the steel

HE has been described as a results oriented man of excellence, one who is leading an illustrious life.

Correlation between health, development

Globally, the eminence of women’s health falls short of its prospective. The implications of this deficit as well as the ...