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5 days ago | April 3, 2020

All for the love of beer

AT a time when Disney is no longer magical, Paris is no longer romantic and New York is no longer vibrant.

Masks, gloves in the context of COVID-19

COVID-19 is not airborne. The virus is mainly transmitted through droplets generated when an infected person coughs, ...

Fake news in overdrive

UNTIL less than a month ago, a popular theory was that Africa’s generally hot climate would stop the spread of COVID-19 ...

Chiinyi chinozwi ‘lockdown’

MUTUNGAMIRIRI wenyika President Mnangagwani nge Chishanu vhiki rapera vakapangira vantu kuti vagare mumizi  vamboema ...

Your questions answered

Research is currently underway to understand the impacts of COVID 19 infection on pregnant women. Data are limited, but ...

Politicians by night, trade unionists by day

OVER the past 20 years, trade unionism has become a huge business and source of employment for many.

Stay home and stay safe

Starting Monday March 30, 2020, the country has been in lockdown, which will be 21 days long. We are now on Day 5 and ...

Zvinoreva ‘lockdown’

MUTUNGAMIRIRI wenyika President Mnangagwa nemusi weChishanu svondo rapfuura vakazivisa kuti vanhu vachambomira ...

2 weeks ago | March 27, 2020

Melodies of the struggle

Throughout history, music has been used to help soldiers cope with the traumas of war.Just like the first United States ...

For better, for worse

WORLD over, Covid-19 has forced the closure of many banquet venues, thereby leading to the postponement of many ...

We can’t cheat Covid-19

Zimbabweans often laugh with those who laugh and cry with those who cry.

Beating Vitamin A deficiency

The orange flesh sweet potato (OFSP) has shown huge potential in boosting food security and fighting vitamin A deficiency.

Coronavirus: Fear overruling reason

STIGMATISATION is sour, yet humanity has a long history of the vice when infectious and contagious diseases strike.

Understanding Covid-19

There was an outbreak of a new coronavirus in China in December 2019. It has been named COVID-19.  This disease has ...

3 weeks ago | March 20, 2020

Washing your hands will save the world

Inasmuch as the novel coronavirus, which causes Covid-19, is not yet an existential threat to humanity, at least not to ...