Scissors exercise: Benefits, variations, how to do it

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Scissors exercise: Benefits, variations, how to do it A healthy body gives you confidence and enough strength to deal with the day

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FITNESS is one of the essential elements in life.


A healthy body gives you confidence and enough strength to deal with the day.


So make sure you work out daily to look attractive and maintain a healthy body.


Have you thought about a workout routine or a set of exercises that will help you stay in shape?


Well, there are many and one such exercise that is very effective and tones the body is the scissors exercise.


It might seem easy, but doing it in repetitions can burn fat and give you a fit body.

Nowadays, fitness is the new trend, and you can see many fitness centres filled with people thriving to keep their body fit.


If you are a person who does not like going to the gym and would want to work out at your own pace, have a list of exercises that are effective and help you lose weight quickly.


Don’t forget to include the scissors exercise and standing exercises in your list that climbs up the ladder to fitness.

What are Scissors Exercises?

The scissors workout as the name suggests includes criss-crossing your legs just like the way scissors works.


There are many kinds of scissors exercises like the scissor steps exercise, abs workout etc., that help you stay trim and fit.


Any form of exercise in which you criss-cross is known as scissors exercise.

Scissor jumps are an effective lower-body workout.

The scissor jump can build muscle throughout your upper and lower legs, including in your hamstrings, glutes, quadriceps, and calves.


Stand in good posture with your hands together, feet shoulder-width apart, chin level, chest held high, and your back naturally arched.

Push your hips back and down while allowing your trunk to angle forward approximately 20 degrees.


Tighten your glutes, quads, and hamstring while driving your feet through the ground to spring your body upward toward the sky.

Separate your legs in the air by flexing one leg forward toward your chest while extending the opposite leg behind you.


Land in a split squat position. You should be on the ball of your back foot, opposite leg forward, knees bent, with your chest high.

Alternating legs and repeat the scissor jump squat.

Land softly in a downward-squat position with your feet shoulder-width apart.


Stand up by pushing your feet through the floor, returning to the starting position.


Repeat the movement for the specified amount of time or repetitions.

If scissor squat jumps are too challenging or cause joint-discomfort you can elevate your heart rate performing bike sprints, jumping jacks, or one of our other low-impact alternative exercises.

Alternative exercises

General and specifics

this easy endurance exercise is a great warm up

Starting position

the feet are hip width apart and staggered

your posture is upright and you look forward

the knees are bent a little bit

Correct execution


push yourself off the ground as much as possible, do not bend the knees, switch the position of your legs while you are in the air

land softly on the balls of the feet and absorb the jump by bending the knees a bit

begin with the next jump right away

the arms can follow the motion

do the exercise as fast as you can

do that for a longer period of time

Tips for the workout

you can wear weight cuffs to impede the jumping power workout

additionally, you can raise the speed and increase the distance between the feet

Exercising every day keeps you fit and energetic.


Our body gets stronger day by day while exerting energy and doing physical activity.

It is the best way to maintain our health and stay active.


For those who want to burn calories and lose weight in a healthy way, scissors exercise helps you achieve your goals.

So set the alarm and strive to achieve your fitness goals at the earliest possible.


Health is wealth, so make sure you do not compromise on your exercise at any cost.


It only gets you stronger and helps you move with confidence. – Online.


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