Your winter skincare routine

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Your winter skincare routine The harsh cold and windy weather during winter can leave your skin feeling tight and dry

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WINTER is fast approaching coming!


And with it, the season brings cold and windy air that can leave your skin feeling parched like a dry well.


So, what can we do to maintain healthy, vibrant skin during this chilly season?

The harsh cold and windy weather during winter can leave your skin feeling tight and dry.


The weather damages your skin’s protective barrier, leaving you with skin that feels dry, parched, and thirsty, along with other signs of dehydrated skin during the colder months.


But there is one way to get it back on track – it is to hydrate your skin and keep it moisturised all day long.

How to do so?

It is time to adopt a curated winter skincare routine, if you don’t have one already.


Not sure where to start from?


Here is an easy and effective winter skincare routine along with some winter skincare tips to help you get back your glowing complexion and baby soft skin!


Read ahead to know more.

Winter skincare routine to follow at home

Step 1: Cleanser

A golden skincare rule that is absolutely non-negotiable during winter is a good cleanse!

As soon as the temperature drops, your skin becomes dry and flaky, so skipping your daily cleanse is a big no-no as it can clog your pores and lead to other skin woes, making your skin feel overly dry.


Moreover, your skin will no longer be able to oxygenate itself and slowly suffocate if you skip cleansing.

We recommend using a gentle, yet effective cleanser that won’t dry out your skin any further.


Cleansing the skin without cleanser strips the skin of its essential oils and moisture, and leaves it feeling refreshed and healthy.


Adding glycolic acid to your winter skin care will help to speed up your skin’s natural cell turnover process and eliminate dead skin cells that have accumulated on the surface, causing a rough texture and a dull complexion.

Step 2: Exfoliator

Winter can exacerbate dehydrated and dry skin issues.

This calls for the need for exfoliation to remove dead skin cell built up and allow your winter skin care products to penetrate deep into the skin.

However, you need to make sure that you do not over-exfoliate as that can cause skin irritation and other problems.

Step 3: Serum

The next step in your winter skin care routine is to give your skin the boost of nourishment it needs by applying a non-sticky, lightweight.


Try the hyaluronic acid serum to achieve intense hydration instantly.


Serum penetrates deep into the skin, is suitable for all skin types and can be used daily, which makes it the perfect addition to your winter skincare routine for dry skin.

Winter skincare tips

Apart from following your winter skincare routine religiously, you also need to follow some winter skin care tips to flaunt the healthy skin of your dreams.


To help you with that, here is a list of some essential winter skincare tips that you should keep in mind:

Winter skincare tip #1 – Maintain an optimum temperature at home.

Make sure your winter skincare routine does not go to waste by avoiding overheating your home.


In winters, a home as hot as an oven may feel cosy but won’t help in maintaining your skin’s hydration.

Winter skincare tip #2 – Don’t skip your night-time skincare routine.

Neglecting your winter night skincare routine is a big no as it helps to maintain the hydration of your skin while you enjoy your beauty sleep.

Winter skincare tip #3 – Choose hydrating ingredients.

Opt for nourishing creams or lotions enriched with shea butter or sweet almond oil to soothe your skin and stop it from feeling tight and uncomfortable.

Winter skin care tip #4 — Skip long, hot showers.

Don’t take steaming hot, long showers or baths.


Hot water damages our skin’s protective barrier, drying it out in the process.


So, warm showers or baths with lukewarm water are best if you want to keep your skin gorgeous, dewy, and glowing.

Lip balm

Use a good-quality lip balm to keep your lips hydrated and prevent chapping.

Dress in layers

Protect your skin from harsh winds and temperature fluctuations by dressing in layers and covering up.

Your skin cries out for help during winters: it feels tight, itchy and suffers from dry patches.

Don’t let the winter weather drive your skin insane.


Instead, follow the above-mentioned winter skincare routine and tips to hydrate your skin, bring back the lost moisture and keep your skin feeling healthy and looking fresh all year round! – Online.


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