Misfortune is now his middle name

08 May, 2020 - 00:05 0 Views

The ManicaPost

BLABBER does not celebrate misfortune, not even when it befalls the naughty members of our beloved community.

Celebrating misfortune on anyone is not only unAfrican, it is also ungodly!

Nonetheless, by the nature of his vocation, Yours Truly is duty bound to write about misfortunes that befall some of us every now and then.

Blabber was actually taken aback to hear that this other socialite was involved in an accident while ridding his recently acquired noisy motorbike.

This is the same boy whose wounds have barely healed after surviving a boiled water attack.

Word reaching Yours Truly is that the lad was badly injured in the road accident and the speed machine which he claimed to have acquired for several thousands of the scarce greenbacks was damaged beyond repair.

Ever since buying the machine, the boy was behaving as if he was the best thing that had ever happened to the motorcycle industry. He would grab every opportunity to make noise around Mutare’s central business district.

Typical of a desperate attention seeker, the chap would do the most obnoxious of things. He would turn up the booming sound of the machine while flying past workplaces and homes, some would actually conclude that a jet was taking off.

At a time when vehicle technology is improving, with companies working on reducing the noise pollution caused by their products, while bars and nightclubs are doing the same through noise proof walls, this motorcyclist wanted it the other way.

To be polite, the explosive noise of his bike was so intrusive, sometimes shocking and always unnecessary!

Blabber hopes he has learnt his lessons. If he still wants to get another motorcycle, we can only hope that he will use it with caution and more importantly, with respect for the public.

By the way, why does this other moneyed nincompoop think that he is immune to bad publicity, even when his shenanigans are crystal clear for everyone to see?

This time he has got it all wrong. Just watch this space!

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