How to look after your skin this winter

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Ann Ruthenburg FashionHello Mutare, I am so excited about the feedback we are getting from the makeover’s we are doing. I cannot wait to showcase our next makeover which is a man. Yes even men need makeovers. Everyone deserves another chance and everyone has a story.

Here we tell your story whilst showing you that your situation is not who you are. You can look and feel the best that you can, by making a decision. Message the Fashion Diva if you want a makeover and if you have a story to tell that we can use to give someone out there courage to face each day.

This week I am answering the question of “winter dry skin.” Yes winter can be deceptive. The sun is awesome during the day, but early mornings and night times are freezing.

But whilst we try and manoeuvre our way between the two temperature’s there is one thing that we don’t realise — this weather dries our skin terribly. Regardless of your race or skin shade, the weather will affect you, from face, lips, hands, legs to hair.

Most people do not even realise it until summer arrives again, and then you notice that your skin looks dry, ashy and unhealthy. Of cause that’s if you haven’t also picked up a lot of winter weight lol.

Dry skin flakes and cracks, and can be difficult to bring under control. So this week I am going to try and help you prevent this. Dry skin comes about because your skin is losing more moisture than it is receiving. Remember prevention is easier than cure.
Change your soap

Soap is harsh naturally. If the soap you have does not have enough moisture in it, change your soap. You can notice that your soap is lacking in moisturiser because after bathing, your skin starts to feel dry.

After bathing use a moisturiser or oil based lotion
You have to moisturise your skin to keep it from drying out. If you’re prone to dry skin or flaky skin, use a thick lotion moisturiser everyday. Put it on as soon as you get out of the shower while your skin is still damp. Believe it or not, Petroleum jelly is a good, pure moisturiser to prevent flaky skin and dryness, especially on knees and elbows.

Personally I do not like to put oil on my body after bathing at night, I prefer to let my skin breathe. However, this winter my skin is suffering, so what I do is put the oil inside of my rinse bath water.

That way the oil dries on the skin just like water would. It’s not oily, but puts enough oil on my skin to prevent dryness. But for those who do not mind oil, go ahead and lather oil or moisturiser on your skin before bed.

Keep your lips moisturised
Believe it or not Lip Gloss is not a perfect moisturiser. You need Lip ice or Petroleum Jelly to give you adequate moisturiser. If you find yourself licking your lips a bit, then you do not have enough moisturiser on them. How you wash your skin in winter matters.

What’s even more important for preventing dry skin than frequency is how you’re washing your skin and the water temperature you’re using. Try not to take too hot or too long” a shower.

Keep your bath or shower short, and make sure the water is only lukewarm or even slightly cool. Gently pat your skin dry with a towel after you bathe and rub in your moisturiser as soon as you get out of the shower.

Excess external heat is not good
House heaters, hot fans, in-door fire and of cause too much sun is bad news for your skin.
Make sure your skin is covered or you have lathered enough moisturiser on your skin, or put a bowl of water in from of the fire or heater.

Drink water to moisturise skin from within
Water, water, water again. If you’re healthy inside, you’ll look healthy outside — and that includes having supple, moisturised skin. “A healthy lifestyle is important. Drink water, eat well, exercise, and lower stress levels to keep your mind, body, and skin healthy.
This winter you have to treat your skin well. Give it extra attention.

Think about your skin, and everything that you do, expose it to, and apply to it affects how healthy it is. Just a little extra Tender Loving Care (TLC) each day can protect skin from dryness and help it glow.
Happy winter people, until next week God bless.

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