Dirty secrets exposed

29 May, 2020 - 00:05 0 Views

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Tendai Gukutikwa Weekender Correspondent
A FLORIDA woman is living in fear as she is constantly being tormented by her neighbour’s daughters after she exposed their secrets.

The woman, Constance Makodza, snooped into the pair’s love lives and told their mother of their shenanigans.

Last week, she approached the court seeking a protection order against the two ladies. Makodza accused the two sisters, only identified as Chenai and Christine, of maliciously damaging her property worth thousands of dollars.

The sisters were in default when the matter was heard by Mutare magistrate, Mr Lazarus Murendo.

Makodza told the court that the pair destroyed her property after she had told their unsuspecting mother that the two were turning their home into a love nest.

“They accused me of selling them out to their mother but I did not sell them out. I told their mother that they were bringing different men to her house while she was at work. They would sit at the veranda with the men and fondle each other there before getting inside the house.

“I am also a mother and would want my neighbours to inform me if my children are misbehaving like that. That is why I told their mother.

‘‘After I had told her everything, the two sisters then came to my house the following day armed with an axe. They accused me of being a sell-out and also labelled me a witch,” she said.

Makodza said the pair went on to destroy her property with the axe.

“I lost property worth thousands of dollars. They said it would teach me a lesson and that l should mind my own business,” she said.

Chenai and Christine went on to uproot vegetables from Makodza’s garden.

Mr Murendo advised Makodza to make a civil claim on her property if she wishes to be compensated, but granted the protection order in her favour.

According to the order, Chenai and Christine are barred from insulting, assaulting or harassing Makodza. They also cannot visit their neighbour’s home.

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