ANTONY & CLEOPATRA . . . gossip, infidelity cut lives short

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Liberty Dube Weekender Correspondent
TRAGEDY struck a Chisumbanje family after a couple committed suicide in a space of hours following an altercation over gardening space with their neighbours at Macdom Farm.

Ndaiziva Chitundira (45) hanged herself on a roof truss and upon discovering this, her husband Moses Mlambo (46) overdosed himself with some tablets.

Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Tavhiringwa Kakohwa, confirmed the incident and highlighted that no foul play was being suspected.

“Mlambo left home for work on May 1. He left his wife at home. Upon returning home, it is suspected that he saw Chitundira’s body hanging from a roof truss. He consumed an overdose of unknown tablets and died,” said Inspector Kakohwa.

On May 7, a neighbour only identified as Joram saw flies flying around the couple’s room and went to check.

When he peeped through the window, Joram saw the two dead bodies, which were now in a state of decomposition.

He alerted the police and they attended the scene.

“A suicide note allegedly written by Chitundira stated that she was having problems with her neighbours over gardening space and some gossip,” said Inspector Kakohwa.

Meanwhile, a well-known Chipinge mechanic took his own life by consuming a pesticide. Romeo Makuyana left a suicide note accusing his wife, Lizzy Mabhadho, of cheating with a church member whose name could not be established.

The letter was read at his funeral.

He also accused Mabhadho of administering a love portion that had rendered him ‘‘useless’’.

Read the letter in part: “I discovered that my wife gave me love portions and she was disrespecting me. She was in love with another church member. She always attacked me at home, forcing me to seek accommodation at a lodge, leaving my two children behind.”

Makuyana’s neighbour, Shakespear Kudejira said, “After having a misunderstanding with his wife, Makuyana rented a room near my house. He has been staying there for the past two months.

“His children came looking for him for close to a week, but could not locate him since the door was locked.

“Some neighbours then peeped through the window and saw Makuyana’s body.”

Efforts to get a comment from Mabhadho were fruitless as she was reported to be away. Inspector Kakohwa urged couples to solve marital disputes amicably.

He advised them to seek advice from church elders or the ZRP’s public and community relations liason department.

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