Truck driver nabbed with 600kg dagga

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Truck driver nabbed with 600kg dagga The contraband was smuggled from Mozambique

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Liberty Dube
Post Correspondent


A TRUCK driver was recently nabbed with 600kg of dagga at Forbes Border Post after he had smuggled the contraband from the neighbouring Mozambique.

Shelton Tarisai Zivai (31) of Harare, who was driving a Payload Logistics haulage truck, had lied to police that he had only smuggled bales of second hand clothes before a police sniffer dog sniffed out the dagga.

Manicaland provincial police spokesperson Inspector Luxson Chananda confirmed the incident.


After further interrogation, Zivai revealed that he had smuggled 661kg of dagga which was packed in 36 sacks.


He also had three bales of second hand clothes.


He was arrested.

In an unrelated matter, Etherton Gondo (52) of Epworth was recently arrested with 2 000kg of dagga in Ruwangwe, Nyanga.

Police in Ruwangwe received a tip-off that there was a white Toyota Hiace transporting dagga to an unknown destination.


They deployed police to Kanyimo Village where they intercepted his vehicle and arrested Gondo.


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