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Zim 44 not out President Mnangagwa and First Lady Dr Auxillia Mnangagwa join children from across the country in celebration during yesterday’s Children Party at Murambinda A Primary School in Buhera. The party is a prelude to Independence Day commemorations slated for Uhera Stadium at Murambinda A High School today. — Picture: Tinai Nyadzayo

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Ray Bande in MURAMBINDA, Buhera


NO country in the world has ever developed through the memorisation of William Shakespeare’s verses, but through vigorous promotion of Science and Technology, which are currently being prioritised by Government, courtesy of the Education 5.0 Policy, President Mnangagwa has said.


In economics, it is widely accepted that technology is the key driver of economic growth of countries, regions and cities as it allows for the efficient production of more and better goods and services.


President Mnangagwa said this yesterday while addressing the 2024 Independence Children’s Party at Murambinda A Primary School in Buhera.


The party is an annual prelude to the Independence Day commemorations scheduled for today at Murambinda B High School.


This year’s commemorations will be running under the theme: “Unity, Peace and Development Towards Vision 2030”.


The commemorations are being held in Buhera, Manicaland Province in line with the Second Republic’s devolution thrust and mantra of leaving no one and no place behind.


“When we grew up, if people spoke fluent English we would admire them, we would envy them. But today, when we hear you trying to impress us by speaking fluent English, we just look the other side.


“There is no country in this world that developed by memorising Shakespeare’s verses, but by Science and Technology. There is a serious bias towards Science and Technology.


“We are establishing Science laboratories across the country because from Science we produce products and services. This is the reason why we are promoting the learning of Science and Technology.


“All those countries that we aspire to go and live in only developed through Science and Technology. We are rolling out mobile Science laboratories and equipping our schools with centres of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs).


“Science and Technology is the basis of economic development, it is the basis of scientific knowledge,” said President Mnangagwa.


The President took time to denounce bullying in schools as well as drug and substance abuse among youths.


He said schools should develop convenient early reporting and response mechanisms to handle cases of drug and substance abuse as well as bullying.


“I call upon all school authorities to create and develop convenient early reporting and response for abuse of drugs as well as bullying. Similarly, I urge you, the young people to be responsible, both in your schools and communities. You should respect your teachers and parents as well as all those who are senior to you.


“You should use social media for the good of your communities. Instead, focus on building a bright future for yourselves. Our children should be taught from an early age to say no to drugs. Go and tell them that ED (President Mnangagwa) said no more to bullying! No more to substance abuse!” he said.


Before President Mnangagwa took to the podium to deliver his keynote address, he led top Government officials and school children in planting 44 trees — a number that signifies the country’s years of self-rule — at Murambinda A Primary School.


The 44 trees were planted under the Legacy Plantations Programme that will see 44 000 indigenous and fruit trees being planted across Buhera as the nation commemorates its 44 years of freedom in the district.


President Mnangagwa was accompanied by Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, several Cabinet Ministers and top Government officials.


As part of yesterday’s programme, President Mnangagwa toured, and launched a model School Business Unit (SBU) at Murambinda B High School, under the President Rural Development Programme which is being replicated across the country.


The model SBU at Murambinda B High School is comprised of a solar powered borehole, 2×10 000 litre storage tanks, one hectare of drip technology garden and two fish ponds.


Speaking after launching the School Business Unit and tour of the exhibition areas, President Mnangagwa said the Second Republic will leave no one and no place behind.


“You can see this development was not there before. This will happen at every school where we will establish business units so that our schools become self-sufficient,” he said.


The Murambinda B High School Business Unit project was implemented by Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA), which contracted Prevail Group International, whose chairperson, Dr Paul Tungwarara said 20 business units have been set up in Buhera alone.


“The business units that have been established in Buhera are 20, while 50 solarised boreholes have been drilled. Most of the business units in Buhera District are already operational.


“We are, not only having business units in Buhera, but across the whole country, with work ongoing in Gutu, Plumtree and Wedza, among other areas,” he said.


Government is targeting to establish 10 000 business units by November 2024 to economically empower the less-privileged in society, with women and youths among the beneficiaries.


The President also toured exhibitions at the 44th Independence Business Expo at Murambinda B High School, which started yesterday (Wednesday and ending today, with the objective of marketing business strategy and creating synergies and networks.


About 70 000 people are expected to converge at the high school to commemorate the national Independence Day.


Government provided 150 buses and 10 000 litres of diesel to ferry people to Buhera for the commemorations.



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