Uhera Stadium: A case of Independence Day legacy

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Uhera Stadium: A case of Independence Day legacy The new changing rooms at Uhera Stadium (Murambinda B High School) have since been completed

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Ray Bande
Senior Reporter

TODAY marks the country’s 44 years of self-rule, and the commemorations, which are being held at Uhera Stadium (Murambinda B Secondary School) include a high profile football match pitting giants, Dynamos and Highlanders.

The eagerly awaited match is set to be played at the renovated playing field that will continue to serve as a springboard for current and future talent identification and nurturing at Murambinda and its surrounding environs.

Before the renovations, the ground was just a typical rural football playing area without lawn, proper levelling or basic amenities such as changing rooms, terraces and reliable water source within the vicinity.

Today marks a totally different story!

The ground renovation works covered hauling, dumping and spreading of topsoil, slope corrections and levelling and installation of a new turf meant.

The area covered by the turf is 105mx70m (7350 m2), while the total area covered by turf, including extensions at 100 percent is 130mx100m (13000m2).

There was also top dressing fertiliser application, landscaping on retaining wall, top soiling on turf, planting of the lawn on retaining walls, trenching of terraces, compacting of the lawn on retaining walls, adding of topsoil on retaining walls lawn, compacting of turf area by big roller, trenching of retaining wall, trenching of terraces and top dressing fertilizer application – 10x 50kg bags.

All this, thanks to the decentralised Independence Day commemorations.

Sports and Recreation Coordinator for Manicaland, Shupikai Berejena told Post Sport that the gist of decentralising the hosting of Independence Day commemorations also factored in the need to leave no place and no one behind in socio-economic development, hence the establishment of the soccer infrastructure that will remain functional well after the commemorations.

“One of the major drawbacks of sport in this country is lack of adequate and properly maintained infrastructure, and having these national events being held in marginalised areas like Murambinda leaves behind a legacy of improved infrastructure just like what we are witnessing now.

“This football pitch is a major improvement on football or sporting infrastructure, not only for the school, but the rest of the community.

“What it means is that even community-based teams now have a proper match venue to play competitive matches in whatever league they might find themselves in,” said Berejena.

Buhera as a district, and Murambinda as a rising urban settlement have not known meaningful production of sport personalities with the exception of Vimbayi Maisviorewa of Mutiusinazita, and this might also partly be attributed to lack of sound infrastructure over the years.


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