Taxi driver loses car, stripped naked

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Taxi driver loses car, stripped naked The gun-toting armed robbers made good their escape with US$3 000

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Liberty Dube
Post Correspondent


THREE gun-wielding robbers recently pounced on a taxi driver in Rusape and stripped him naked before getting away with his vehicle, two cellphones and US$150.


The robbers later dumped the taxi driver, Mr Julius Jusa and his friend, Mr Rasheed Chikwenya, in the bush at around midnight, thereby forcing them to seek help while naked.


Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Norbert Muzondo confirmed the incident which happened along the Rusape-Hwedza Road.


“The incident happened near St Joseph’s Primary School Turn-off, along the Rusape-Hwedza Road. On the day in question, Mr Jusa, who was at OK Parking Area in Rusape, was approached by the three accused persons who asked him to transport them to St Joseph’s Primary School Turn-off.


“Mr Jusa asked Mr Chikwenya to accompany him. One of the suspects sat at the passenger’s seat, while the two and Mr Chikwenya sat at the back. One of the suspects told the driver to turn left towards St Joseph’s High School, but he refused.


“Sensing danger, the driver refused to stop the vehicle. The suspect who was on the passenger’s seat produced a pistol and fired a warning shot. He threatened to shoot Mr Jusa if he failed to comply with their orders.


“He ordered Mr Jusa, who was now in panic mode, to sit at the back while he took over the driving. He drove towards Hwedza Road. He ordered the two complainants to surrender their cellphones and threw the SIM cards outside.


“They reached Zindoga Turn-off and turned right. They drove for over two kilometres in a dirty road. The accused then stripped the complainants naked and took away their wallets with a combined US$158.


“They threw the clothes away and dumped the two in a bush. The duo later walked naked before they met a Good Samaritan who reported the matter to the police,” said Inspector Muzondo.


The three suspects disappeared with the Honda Fit and are still at large.


Police are appealing to members of the public with information leading to the arrest of the three to contact their nearest police station.


A man-hunt to bring the culprits to book has been launched.

In an unrelated incident that happened on March 4 in Sakubva, Mr Owen Zvinofadzabvumi (24) who had boarded a lift from Moffat Hall was robbed by four male adults who were travelling in a Nissan Caravan vehicle, Registration Number ACR 1625.


The four, who were wielding knives, offered Mr Zvinofadzabvumi a lift to Dangamvura.


“The driver of the vehicle suddenly stopped just after Moffat Hall and another accused person who was seated next to the complainant produced a knife. He pointed it at the complainant and demanded some valuables from him.


“Mr Zvinofadzabvumi produced US$100 and his Samsung phone. One of the accused kicked him out and drove towards Dangamvura. No recoveries or arrests were made and we are appealing to members of the public with information leading to the arrest of the suspects to contact their nearest police station,” added Inspector Muzondo.


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