St David’s Girls High Bonda: Defying gender jinx

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Morris Mtisi Post Correspondent
African patriarchal society does not take women seriously. In every aspect of life man believes he is wiser and more astute.

Even the Caucasian society, British, American and European, still has issues with women’s emancipation.  Caucasian men still loathe genuine equal opportunities and rights with women . . . in whatever aspect of human development. The Western campaigns for women’s rights demanding emancipation and freedom of existence and equal participation in developmental programs are clear signs of gender warfare.

St David’s Girls High Bonda is one example of an educational institution in Zimbabwe where the girls openly defy the jinx that the boys are more intelligent. They do not care whether a school is a Boys High School or a bit of both. The girls at Bonda are not superstitious about learning and will never give the academic superiority to the boys on a silver platter. They boldly take it to the boys one-on-one and give every male learner in school wherever he may be found in Zimbabwe a sweaty run for his money.

The girls at Bonda under the veteran leadership of Mr Caston C Samanga have from year to year successfully pushed boys to the back burner. They started by taking the fight to the boys; now they have forgotten there are boys in the race.

In the 2017 Zimsec A’ level results the girls at Bonda intimidated even the indomitable St Faith’s High School and the once-upon-a-time hard-to-beat Nyanga Boys at Marist Brothers. Their O’ level results in the same year frightened not only the Boys’ High Schools countrywide but even the mixed-sex greats . . . no names necessary.

In their 2018 results, both A’ and O’ level, the no-nonsense girls at Bonda had no respect for the gender of any school.  They jolted the best schools including their Anglican Diocesan schools some of which they have permanently pushed to the back burner and successfully ignored. These sister schools are now green with envy. They have become sisters by name as nothing remains that brings them anywhere near . . . not least academic excellence.   That is how ‘bad’ the Bonda girls have become.

Not surprising. Here is the story of success.

Last year, 2017 A’ level examination results — overall pass rate, 99 percent. Ordinary level pass rate — 98,1 percent; 2018 A’ level pass rate — 97, 8 percent. Ordinary level- 97, 8 percent.

While it may not be fair to compare the St Faith’s Beyond Books results with the Female academic Saints of Bonda (FasoB), the following detail cannot be omitted:

Bonda registered 151 girls with 5As and better, and the Bulls only 109. If this does not cause the Bulls Beyond Books / Shining  Star severe academic diarrhoea, I do not know what will. A point of correction on the previously published statistics! Bonda registered 15 fifteen pointers, not 14.

Answering the question why they are not getting to the 100 percent pass rate mark but remaining dangling so near and yet so far, the school head had this to say: “We consider a good-will small enrolment of community girls who may not be typical Bonda-material in the context of academic fitness. But they are our community children. This is their school. We enrol them and get the best out of them.  Most of them do well but not well enough. That explains the ‘so near and yet so far’ from the 100 percent which you know we are able to achieve were it not for this enrolment obligation we have and must always honour.”

Mr Samanga chronicled more about his girls’ success. He kept on coming back to and harping on their outstanding performance: “The 2018 group despite being the pioneers of the up-dated curriculum managed to stand up to the occasion . . . and distinguished itself from the rest. We had gaping scarcity of teaching and learning material like textbooks, Physical education and Agriculture equipment. But we overcame the challenges all the same. At Bonda we will never let challenges grow into problems. Challenges, we solve immediately; it is problems that take a little longer,” said Mr Samanga certainly unstoppable from enjoying the delight of a perennial achievement well deserved.

He proudly pulled out the list of the 2018 23 A’ level girls that snatched 10As and above. Why not? Bvumisai Ishemaita – 12, Chinyai Melody -12, Chitungo Kudzai -11, Chitsenga Kudzai – 11, Mangosho Kudakwashe – 11, Mudzvovera Tatenda – 11, Muranda Delight -11, Kazembo Tapiwa – 11 Mhande Veronica – 11, Mutunzi Lynn – 11, Pindeni Tinashe – 10, Zvinoera Verna – 10, Mapfutsire Bridget – 10, Makunura Yolanda – 10, Hoko Heather – 10, Fero Isabel – 10, Mubururu Rufaro – 10, Matongera Beverly – 10.

“I wish to thank all the hard-working teachers, non-teaching staff, students, guardians and parents for making this beautiful story real, emphatic, enviable and inspiring. Everyone is part of it one way or another. We are in it together,” said the tireless commander of this genuine model of academic excellence.

The Manica Post is proud to be associated with outstanding performance as proudly and bravely illustrated by the girls at Bonda. Thank you for defying the old jinx that boys always do better than girls in whatever they do.

St David’s Bonda boasts prominent luminaries from the Bonda academic stable: Mutare-based lawyer and Miss Tourism-Zimbabwe 2018 – Tafadzwa Jaricha, Dr Rudo Dozva – Medical Doctor at Mutare General Hospital, Dr Valerie Chinyai – Medical doctor – Parirenyatwa, Dr Charmaine Mukuwapasi – Hauna Hospital, Dr Tatenda Mudawariwo – Parirenyatwa Hospital, Dr Chido Tsinakwadi(nee) Mwadiwa – Bonda Board Chairperson and Member of the House of Assembly – Mutasa North. How many doctors can one school produce for the country in its life time?  Ask St David’s Bonda Girls High School!

Special congratulations to Chirairo Chantel and Nyakunika Tadiwanashe who scooped 19 and 18 A’ level points respectively in the 2018 examination results. More doctors, engineers, lawyers, economists, agronomists, geologists, bankers, financial advisers . . . the list is inexhaustible, are expected from this bastion of academic excellence.

The Manica Post is proud to be associated with Bonda’s trail of outstanding performance. They have proudly and bravely rubbished the belief that girls play second fiddle in academic achievement and career making. They have clearly proved that it is a superstition no one must believe.  Well done Bonda! Well done girls! May your stars continue to shine!

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