Power is temporary

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Power is temporary

The ManicaPost

Dear reader, have you noticed that over the years, every phase we pass through has been creating some demi-gods?

Due to their exaggerated sense of self-importance, they always walk with a spring in their steps. At one time, the unemployed and unemployable touts and kombi conductors used to rule the earth.

A few months down the line, fuel attendants became the kings and queens everyone wanted to be associated with.

Today, the men and women who work in outlets that sell day-old chicks are the ‘‘superior beings’’ due to the scarcity of the birds.

Desperate customers call them by their totems. In this instalment, Blabber needs to remind these people that all we want are the chicks. After all, we always pay, it is not like you are giving us for free.

In addition, you are just workers in those companies. You might be knocking on our doors one of these days as you look for employment. Tomorrow is never guaranteed.

Just a piece of unsolicited advice my dear brothers and sisters, always remember that power is temporary and therefore treat people with respect and fairness.

For now, Yours Truly is leaving the morons in their borrowed giant robes.

Blabber will now tell you a juicy story about a medical doctor who has become popular for falsifying information on medical documents.

Yours Truly is aware of the shenanigans of this medical practitioner. For a fee, he can fake life threatening injuries for anyone wishing to fix their adversaries after a fight.

Even a light slap in an altercation can be presented in a court of law as having caused serious injuries.

Dear reader, I am not just saying this to spite the doctor, l have seen him creating mountains out of anthills.

While most of us are not getting enough from our employers, surely there are better means to augment our earnings.

For your reading pleasure, dear reader, and of course in the interest of preserving the little that remains of our moral fabric, Blabber is contemplating reproducing some of the documents that were shamelessly ‘‘doctored’’ to suit ulterior motives.

Just watch this space!

Before l sign off, lest some social misfits may think they are off the hook, let it be known that Blabber is working on another juicy piece involving a gay slut who recently double-crossed partners, thereby leading to a nasty fistfight in Mutare’s Central Business District.

The same goes for those lesbian couples who are gathering at a certain hide-out in that other plush suburb. As I always say, Blabber does not enjoy peeping through your bedroom doors’ keyholes. However, if that is what it takes to preserve the little that remains of our moral fabric, then let it be!

But after all is said and done, Blabber has a moral and professional obligation to remind you all to continue washing your hands with soap and maintaining your distance.

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