NEW: Measles outbreak: Vaccination now at 93 percent

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NEW: Measles outbreak: Vaccination now at 93 percent Seven children from a Honde Valley family recently succumbed to the highly contagious disease within a space of two weeks

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THE vaccination exercise against measles in Mutasa is now at 93 percent, as the district steps up efforts to contain the disease.

Mutasa District Medical Officer, Dr Cephas Fonte said as of yesterday, a total of 361 cases had been recorded, of which 289 were not vaccinated.

Dr Fonte said 38 deaths have been recorded, all of whom were not vaccinated.

He added that under the mass vaccination exercise they have managed to inoculate 72 044 against a target of 74 604.

“As of yesterday, 361 cases of measles had been recorded and 289 were from unvaccinated people. 38 deaths have been recorded so far and they were all among children who were not vaccinated. In terms of the vaccination campaign which we are currently carrying out, we are now at 93 percent coverage as we have managed to vaccinate 72 044 against a target of 74 604,” said Dr Fonte.

Dr Fonte urged parents and guardians to take their children for measles vaccination and commended some religious sects for embracing the exercise.

“We are encouraging everyone to heed the call for vaccination and treatment against measles by taking their children for inoculation at our centres which we are offering for free. Significant inroads have so far been made in the exercise and some religious sects have responded well,” he said.

The programme for mass vaccination against measles is targeting children from six months to 15 years.

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