Mysterious fire burns more property

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Mysterious fire burns more property

The ManicaPost

Liberty Dube Weekender Correspondent

IT never rains but pours for the Matope family, which continues to live in perpetual fear and desperation after the mysterious fire burnt three more huts last Friday in Marange.

The fire occasionally resurfaces as burning thatch grass, maize barns and other belongings.

Chipo Mukunguma told The Weekender on Friday that the family was now contemplating approaching Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers Association to assist them.

“The fire started again on Friday morning when we least expected. The house belongs to our uncles. We lost everything. We are living in extreme fear.

‘‘We are desperate and we do not know what to do. We will engage Zinatha to assist us before it gets worse,” she said.

Zinatha president Mr George Kandiero said they have a group of exorcists who can assist them to see the root cause of the fire.

“If they approach us we will dispatch a team of exorcists to look into the matter. The family should not relax because it seems there is something extremely wrong,” he said.

The fire which has been terrorising the family since June this year forced the family, which in July was blessed with a baby girl, to desert their homestead for the fields which are about 500 metres away, where they are staying without roof over their heads.

Tsanangurai Matope, his wife Chipo Mukunguma and their three children are now surviving on handouts from well-wishers and neighbours.

The menacing fire caused the family untold and unprecedented suffering although no family member has been injured.

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