Mozambican delegation tours Manicaland hotels, resorts

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Mozambican delegation tours Manicaland hotels, resorts

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Blessing Rwizi : Post Correspondent

A DELEGATION led by the provincial director of tourism and culture for Manica Province in Mozambique, Mr Jossia Vurande toured hotels and resorts in Manicaland last week.Their main aim was to see how they are structured and organised so that they could adopt the same structures in their country.

They also visited the National Arts Gallery and Mutare Museum to explore more on the Zimbabwean cultural practices.

Speaking at a courtesy call paid on the Minister of State for Provincial Affairs, Cde Mandi Chimene at her offices last Thursday, Mr Vurande said his country had a lot to learn from the Zimbabwean tourism sector.

“We intend to learn from the experiences of the Zimbabwean tourism industry and how their management operates so that we apply that in our own country. We have a lot to learn from Zimbabwe. It will be a good thing that as sister provinces, we organise functions where our people exchange their tourism and cultural experiences,” said Mr Vurende.

Mr Vurende also said the Mozambican government intends to erect a monument in honour of Chief Makombe who hailed from Zimbabwe. He was seeking assistance to research on his history from Zimbabwean authorities.

Cde Chimene assured the delegation that the National Museums and Monuments of Zimbabwe will assist them with the research.

“The relationship between Manica and Manicaland provinces strengthens the bond between Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Let us maintain the peace between our two countries and help each other anyhow. Let us work towards the progress of our two countries,” said Cde Chimene.

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