Holy Qur’aan speaks on challenges

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Holy Qur’aan speaks on challenges

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“Indeed with every hardship there is ease and with the same hardship there is another (point of) ease.”  (Chapter 94 verses 5-6)

We will all go through some hardship or the other at some point in our lives.  The Almighty tests us in order to see how we react and what we do in such situations. 

Do we continue complaining until we are seen as ungrateful for all the goodness that we have (what we may perceive as “insignificant” or “little”)? 

Do we become so materially centred that we overlook the priceless gifts that The Almighty has showered upon us such as good health, sound sleep, contentment, obedient and successful children, wonderful climate, etcetera? No doubt if we ponder seriously we will find that for every difficulty that we may be going through, we have been granted two or more gifts or aspects of ease. Truly, if we are to have a positive outlook and begin to earnestly enumerate all the bounties and the bestowments of The Almighty upon us, we will be amazed at the fact that they are too numerous and that indeed we are blessed in many more ways than we are tested.

Further, we should know that after every difficulty or hardship, there has to be ease which will come. After the dark night, daybreak has to come. Let us learn to look at the bright side of life because in reality, complaining about everything is a form of self-inflicted punishment that leads to misery, dissatisfaction, discontentment and possibly depression. 

Such misery then prevents a person from being optimistic of the future and coming up with real or practical solutions to his or her problems.

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