Editorial Comment: Worrisome deaths at Mutare Main Bath

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HAS Mutare Main Bath swimming pool become a death trap? It is regrettable that in recent months we have been made to witness needless loss of human lives at one of Mutare’s leading recreational facilities Mutare Main Bath.

Not so long ago, the current heat wave which has resulted in very hot temperatures registered a casualty after a kombi driver who took his friend to cool off at the Mutare Main Bath swimming pool drowned in unclear circumstances.

Blessing Nyamajo (24) of house number 1627 Chikanga 2 died on his way to Mutare Provincial Hospital following the drowning incident which took place on an October Sunday afternoon.

Elsewhere in this edition, we carry a story that happened on Monday in which a school trip to Mutare Main Bath swimming pool to swim and cool off ended in tragedy after a Form Two student from Tsvingwe High School in Penhalonga drowned.

The juvenile allegedly jumped into the pool without the supervisor’s knowledge and drowned.

Just like the kombi driver who died last month, when the juvenile was rescued from the pool, he was having difficulties in breathing and froth was coming out of his mouth.

He was then admitted at Mutare Provincial Hospital where he died upon arrival

While we are aware that, a lifeguard, Jealous Muzvongi, who is employed by Mutare City Council, did his best to retrieve kombi driver Nyamajo from the pool, questions are bound to be asked on the safety precautions at Main Bath.

Questions are now being asked about the safety standards or lack thereof. Does the local authority, as custodians of the facility, have safety standards in place?

We all know of the international safety measures that are expected at every swimming pool and Mutare Main Bath must be no exception.

For example, every swimming pool that holds more than 30cm of water should be surrounded not only by a kid-proof fence, but should also be fitted with a safety net or a safety cover to prevent children from drowning.

This and many other measures are meant to protect visitors from accidents. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the custodians of the facility to ensure that safety standards in their entirety are in place.

In the same breadth, we sincerely urge all those wishing to use the Mutare Main Bath facility to exercise due diligence during their swimming expeditions.

Swimming is great exercise, as well as an exciting way to spend time together as a family and with friends.

No doubt, there is nothing like spending an afternoon splashing around in the water and enjoying being together.

Unfortunately, many people don’t realise how dangerous swimming can be without safety and careful preparation.

There are known water safety tips that encompass a person’s behaviour in and around the water and these should be taken into account before taking families or friends to the pool, beach or lake shore and this includes making sure young children or inexperienced swimmers should always wear a certified life jacket around water.

There is no substitute for life preservers or lifesaving devices in a genuine emergency. It is also common knowledge that people are encouraged to enter the pool with their feet first.

Severe injuries can occur when kids jump or dive head first into shallow water.

It is also crucial to make sure children understand the correct way to enter and exit the   pool.

If children are interested in jumping and diving, guardians should ensure they are taught the correct way to do so, as well as point out the areas where it is safe to do so.

These are just a few among many other water safety tips that we hope those intending to use Mutare Main Bath or any other pool should be aware of.

Without safety precautionary measures in place, swimming can bring us more misery than fun.

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