Cholera cases on the decline

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Cholera cases on the decline Vaccine hesitancy and the negative influence of anti-vaccine groups has been a huge challenge

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Tendai Gukutikwa
Health Reporter

MEASURES implemented by Government in cholera hotspots are starting to record a positive impact following a reduction in the number of suspected cases in the province last week.

Though the reduction was slight in Buhera and Mutare Rural, two of the most affected districts in the province and country, the specific and urgent measures, contributed largely to the decrease in the past week, Information, Broadcasting Services and Publicity Minister, Dr Jenfan Muswere, said during this week’s post-Cabinet Press briefing on Tuesday.

He said the decrease in the cases resulted in the case fatality rate also decreasing to two percent.

“Slight decreases were recorded in the number of cases in Mutare Rural and Buhera districts in Manicaland. The case fatality rate decreased to 2.2 percent. The decreases in cases and case fatality rate are due to prioritised and targeted interventions in the three hotspots,” he said.

Minister Muswere also said to continue curbing the rapid spread of the disease in other areas, Oral Rehydration Points (ORP) manned by community health promoters are being set up to bring services closer to the people.

“Training in case management and rapid response using workstations are ongoing and health education on cholera prevention and control measures, including hygiene promotion, is ongoing in all the country’s provinces,” he said.

Minister Muswere said in light of the foregoing cholera situation, Cabinet emphasized that there should be intensified school health education on cholera and other diarrhoeal diseases, improved water, sanitation and hygiene in communities and continued intensification of Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE).

He said religious and local leadership should be involved in the fight against cholera.

According to the released Zimbabwe situational reports on cholera, in the past 30 days, Manicaland recorded 1 146 new suspected cases and 143 confirmed cases.

As of Wednesday, a total of 170 suspected cholera cases were in-care across the province, with the bulk of them having been admitted in Mutare Rural (109) and Buhera (41).

The reports show that the disease continues to pose a serious threat to public health and safety.

Manicaland remains the most affected province, with 4 075 suspected cases and 837 confirmed cases.

The cholera outbreak has persisted since February, with 10 500 cumulative suspected cases and close to 182 cumulative suspected deaths having been recorded so far.

In a recent interview, Manicaland provincial health promotions officer, Mrs Agnes Mugumbate revealed that a provincial RCCE team was deployed across the province to help raise awareness in the communities on cholera.

“Ministry of Health and Child Care is intensifying initiatives to raise awareness in communities on combating the disease, and one of them is the constitution of RCCE teams.

“Through the utilisation of existing media houses and digital platforms, stakeholders are reaching out to communities across Manicaland Province through the dissemination of essential content on cholera to sensitise people on the prevention and treatment of the disease,” she said.


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