Beware of the Ideas of Alice Bailey: Part 2

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Beware of the Ideas of Alice Bailey: Part 2

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Morris Mtisi Post Correspondent
FROM the Part 1 of the Alice Bailey debate, you now know much about this anti-Christ obstructionist.

Born in June 1880, exactly 137 years ago, Alice Bailey was originally an Anglican, but later on turned a theosophist and occultist heavily influenced by evolutionary oriented cosmology.

The short of this long frightening story distinguishes Alice Bailey as an unrepentant and unapologetic Satanist; a theosophist plainly Luciferian in every sense and 360 degrees against God’s Law. End of story.

Her 10-point strategic plan to introduce Christless or Christianless education curriculum in the world is an open secret.

Once drafted and completed, the plan was submitted to the House of Lords and Commons in Britain and America for implementation.  The first out of the 10 points and obviously the most important for the strategist was that education curriculum must omit Christian teachings.

Teachers would be used to “kill” Christianity in schools by careful indoctrination of learners to shun God and prayer. They (teachers) would teach students to be independent decision-makers, thinkers and self-developers.

The curriculum must increase child rights and reduce parental authority. Schools must protect freedoms of thought and behaviour and legitimise sexual freedom because “sex is the highest level of personal emotional expression and must be enjoyed in full”. That done, to avoid unwanted pregnancies, abortion must be legalised. Corporal punishment would be pulled out of schools; criminalised.

Alice Bailey’s 10-point plan went on to legitimise homosexuality and lesbianism as a right to making choice. No one has the right to decide how two adult human beings must enjoy their relationship, said the occultist.

It is the choice of the lovers to choose to enjoy their relationship on their legs, their heads or even while flying without wings with whoever they so wish. Forget about the gender of the partner, so long as the right of consent is observed. This would be done using the media, radio, television in their advertisements music and film productions.

Free sex and independence of behaviour, through fashion, music and whatever you can imagine, would dominate the media to drug youngsters with this powerful opium of the mind (media).

When they grow up they live in an era where divorce is easy and legal. They will live in marriages free from the concept of marriage for life.

It must be remembered that Alice Bailey’s New World Order without God and Christ was targeted at the world, not Zimbabwe or Africa alone. But Zimbabwe is part of the world, lest we                                forget!

Little wonder I asked in Part 1 of this interestingly disturbing story, “Where is Africa and Zimbabwe in all this?” One would therefore be quite right to ask, “If Alice Bailey was an unapologetic and unrepentant occultist and theosophist, a Satanist if you want to use my language, why the fuss and interest? Why not just keep her in Hell where she belongs and forget?”

Easier said than done! How do you ignore or forget a black mamba lodged and freely carousing in your house? How can people ignore the consequences of a volcano slowly erupting in the midst of their community? How do church leaders like Pastor Elvis Joseph keep quiet and watch when Alice Bailey’s disciples or Hell’s Angels take over children who are the window of hope for every community on the globe? How can even the Bob Marleys of the day stand aside and look when Alice Bailey’s 10-point plan to destroy global sanity and Christianity kills God’s prophets?

How can Lucifer’s prophets drag people, especially children in schools to hell while the schools and churches are fast asleep?

This is where the interest is. It is concern and fear rather than amusement that this topic surfaces with so much interest. When the signs of any prophecy seem to manifest, people cannot be condemned for remembering the prophet.

When the rain begins to fall you cannot blame the traveller for asking about his raincoat. When the world seemingly loses moral direction and purpose and turns uglier by the day, we cannot be questioned for remembering God’s warning about Lucifer whom He fought, defeated and threw down on Planet Earth.

Alice Bailey is a prophet of doom, what she conceived and perceived as a New World Order-a Godless world and prayerless world thriving on “perfect” freedoms and excessive individual rights. She clearly outlined the implementation plan.

She was bold as Hell. She was straight and to the point. That is not the fear. The fear is how the world seems to be busy implementing her plan in exactly the ways she suggested more than 50 years ago.

I am inviting Pastor Joseph Elvis back to Head-to-Head with MM on DiamondFM Radio to hear him articulate the Church’s view of more of Alice Bailey’s 10-point strategy to pull God and Christ out of the world.

Until next week, let us continue thinking, not thoughting! We may be as simple as we want, but not any simpler.

Those who want to join him or us on this important debate on radio, make a date with me. You are most welcome. (0773 883 293 is the number to call or send an App message) especially if you have wisdom to share about what you think schools can do to BEWARE OF THE IDES OF ALICE BAILEY!                

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