African is not a sinking ship

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African is not a sinking ship With the brains we have and the resources we have in abundance, we are blessed

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Delight Mwamuka

I WAKE up everyday to the fresh breeze of air that slaps my face lovingly, reminding me that I have obligations, duties and responsibilities.

These are meant to uplift my nation and continent at large.

The ability to keep digging even when the chase seems pointless.

The minds that believe before they can perceive.

The minds which by hook or by crook made it happen.

A lot of individuals find it hopeless to hang on to this seemingly sinking ship, with this undying belief that Africa is poor and lacks evolution.

They forget that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Those cherished and adored cities and countries took a lot from Africa, both mental and physical, to achieve what they are today.

I believe that for my motherland, no star is too high to reach.


If you can dream it, you can make it materialise.

But time is moving, dreams alone aren’t enough to sustain a universe.

I, an African Child, have the responsibility to stick with my continent until my long gone brothers and sisters’ dreams come true.

With the brains we have and the resources we have in abundance, we are blessed.

The only thing that is lacking is motivation and the first step to make it happen.

But if we take it a day at a time, one day we will get there.

To my fellow sisters and brothers, do for the future generations what you wish should have been done years ago.

Our Africa is what we make it, no limitations whatsoever.


Delight Mwamuka is a student at St Dominics

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