Adios chief, it was bad while it lasted!

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ALL bad things, just the good things of this life we live, come to an end.

Its official, that infamous senior law enforcer is leaving.

Blabber has been following with keen interest the behaviour of this other law enforcer who made headlines in several insertions of this widely read column because of his love for married women.

We mean that other paper thin and tall senior law enforcer whose open-zip closed-mind approach to sexual matters recently landed him in hot soup.

We all now know of the incident that ensued after things did not work out as planned when he finally landed into the hands of the husband of a female workmate he was seducing.

After that incident, he was involved in yet another scuffle of similar nature in less than a month, this time with the wife of a fellow uniformed force member.

Whatever this man wants in married women, only heavens know!

In his latest escapade, the unrepentant officer sent some nude pictures of his female junior workmate to her newly married husband, questioning why the young man would pay bride price for such a loose woman.


Anyway the latest incident saw the final ribbons being tied on the envelope of his transfer letter.

Just like Yours Truly wrote last week, he has eventually been transferred from a post in this local high density suburb where he had caused mayhem in marriages.

In fact, men and women who worked with him for more than half a decade he served at this post will gather tomorrow to bid farewell to this shameless and uncultured wife-snatcher.

Wherever he will be heading to, Blabber can only hope and pray that he changes his behaviour otherwise his demise is imminent.

Just like Yours Truly has always professed, it is out of nothing but the need to preserve the little that remains of our moral fabric that keeps Blabber peeping on the keyholes of your home doors.


The ‘man of God’  now homeless

What is this that we hear about this prophet who is now homeless after being evicted from his lodgings in a plush suburb a few kilometres out of town.

We mean that other pint-sized and talkative preacher who sheepishly hides behind the holy name of the Almighty in his pursuit for the green-back.

Blabber hopes he has learnt it the hard way that you cannot fool people all the time!

After months if not years of resisting eviction, the rightful owner of the house finally won the legal battle against this clergyman and an eviction order has since been served.

Word reaching Blabber is the ‘prophet’ is now begging for a month to look for alternative accommodation.

Sadly he had already sold the house he built in this other high density suburb where he started his ministry.

Blabber hopes you, gentle reader, have a lesson or two about playing games with the name of the Lord.


Blabber makes errors, too…

Just like all of us, Blabber is of flesh and blood too.

This explains why Yours Truly run a teaser on this other money changer who was said to be neglecting his mother in the city’s oldest high density suburb while he is wining and dining with the rich in the city.

Blabber went deeper only to discover that the mother is well taken care of but she only demanded to remain in the ghetto, right at their family house where her husband died while residing.

Our old queens can be like that and that does not mean they are complaining at all.

In fact, she is one person who is well taken care of by her son and if anything very few mothers are getting the kind of quality life that her son has provided for her over the years.

Till next Friday, remember to take good care of your loved ones!

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