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What a whirl wind week I have had folks, trying to finalise wedding plans for the “Your Surprise Wedding.” With economic changes occurring, I met some really crazy people, but I also met some really great people. It is amazing when you start a community project, how the people you expect to be supportive do not, and those you think will not . . . do. So as promised we agreed to showcase some of the people who are supporting the “Your Surprise Wedding” project right here in Manica Post.

This week I was taken to the warehouse of Sheila Sachiti, who kindly donated the tables for the wedding. What a tour. I was so impressed with what I saw.

The warehouse has everything in it, from 1 500 seater tents to decor tents; cutlery to crockery; red carpets to white carpets; not to mention the different centre table pieces.
I am so used to seeing what I call “Brokers” or “new hire companies.” But this company has been in existence for over a decade.

I saw beautifully up-kept products and brand new stuff in their specific designs. I saw three different shapes of tables instead of the normal two shapes.

What surprised me is that so many couples are hiring their Tiffany chairs from Harare etc., but I found them right here in Mutare.

I remember watching “My Nigerian Wedding” the other day, where they had the bride chairs and the brides lounging Sofa’s. Guess what? I found them right here in Mutare, at the warehouse. There were shelves and shelves of chair covers, table clothes and overlays, in all shades and colours. There is no reason why any couple getting married in Mutare has to struggle to find a place to hire everything.

What I loved the most though is that the company can do up to three different weddings at different venues, on the same day. Yoooo guys this is right in Mutare. Professionalism at it’s best. Thank you to Mai Sachiti and Blue Tick Hiring company for the support.

Do you want to get involved?
It is not too late for you to get involved no matter which city, town or country you are. If you know anyone in your community or church who has been traditionally married for 30 years or more, and has never had a wedding ceremony or reception, get hold of us. You could also get involved as a sponsor in the following areas:
1. Sponsor a Newspaper Spread each month
2. Sponsor the “Your Surprise Wedding” Articles each week through advertising
3. Sponsor an aspect of the Wedding (Decor, Catering, Drinks, Bridal wear, Make-up, Nails, Rings, PA System, Video, Photography etc).
4. Sponsor the Whole Wedding
5. Any other way

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