Tollgates for Beira-Zimbabwe highway

29 Jun, 2018 - 00:06 0 Views

The ManicaPost

The Mozambican government recently authorised the country’s Road Fund to set up three toll gates along the Beira-Zimbabwe highway, which crosses the central provinces of Sofala and Manica.

This road, which runs for 287 kilometres, used to be in a shockingly poor condition but has been undergoing thorough rehabilitation since April 2015 by the Chinese company AFECC (Anhui Foreign Economic Construction Company).

It has long been stated government policy that vehicle owners (particularly large trucks) should help pay for the upkeep of roads. Yet to date the only major road that has tolls is the Maputo-South Africa motorway, operated by the South African company TRAC (Trans-Africa Concessions).

Two of the toll gates on the Beira-Zimbabwe road, at Nhamatanda, and at the Vanduzi crossroads, are ready to open. The third will be in Dondo district on a 17-kilometre stretch where the rehabilitation is not yet complete.

According to the chairperson of the Road Fund, Angelo Macuacua, the tariffs will be fixed in a joint diploma from the Ministers of Public Works and of Finance. — AIM.

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