Suspected goblins kill 10 family members

25 Oct, 2019 - 00:10 0 Views

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Liberty Dube
A NYANGA family is suffering incessant torment from suspected goblins that have killed more than 10 family members, prompting some members to seek spiritual healing and protection.

Troubled family members last week approached a local prophet who allegedly exposed the culprit behind their torment.

The beleaguered Nzvenga family literally camped at Madzibaba Shepherd Nzira’s shrine in the Hobhouse.

The prophet, who leads the Zvakazarurwa Zvevapostori Church, allegedly retrieved suspected witchcraft paraphernalia comprising of a creepy-like goblin, lance, knobkerrie tied with hyena tail and clay pot filled with blood.

The paraphernalia allegedly belonged to one of the family members (name withheld).

Family members who spoke to The Manica Post after the cleansing rituals in Nyanga confessed being haunted with mysterious deaths among other unexplainable calamities.

“Family members have dying mysteriously until we established that there was witchcraft in the family. We could not figure out who exactly was behind the death of about 10 family members and then engaged Madzibaba Nzira, who exposed the culprit.

“I once confronted him before. I had weird dreams in which he would be trying to stab me. We are happy that Madzibaba Nzira got to the bottom of the mystery and fished out the culprit. He was exposed him. What shocked us most is that inside one of the clay pots was a paper with a list of people that had died mysteriously and earmarked to die. We hope the cleansing rituals will eradicate our problems,” said Mr Francis Nzvenga.

Madzibaba Nzira, who specialises in exorcising evil spirits and settling spiritual battles in families, said more deaths were on the family’s way had they delayed seeking his services.

“People who appeared on a list in the clay pot were bound to die in the near future. I prayed first, and summoned the goblins to expose themselves. The family will not be haunted again,” he said.

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