Survivor recalls Cyclone Idai in song

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Survivor recalls Cyclone Idai in song Joseph Maposa

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Liberty Dube Entertainment Correspondent
A CHIMANIMANI-based upcoming gospel musician has released a single track titled “Kurarama Inyasha” that chronicles how he survived the deadly Cyclone Idai floods.

The furious Cyclone Idai killed more than 300 people and left a trail of displacements and destruction in Chimanimani and Chipinge districts in March 2019.

The cyclone had devastating impact on human life, infrastructure, the local economy and livelihoods, thereby exacerbating poverty, food insecurity and ruined the survivors’ lives.

The artiste Joseph Maposa, who resides in Chimanimani, recalled how he spent the whole night up in a fig tree together with some colleagues. Maposa (35) believes the song will inspire some listeners to pin their faith and hope in God while simultaneously reminding them how precious life is.

Backed by the Chariots of Fire, Maposa said he was working on a video for the single track that was released last week.

“The disaster struck on March 15, 2019 at around 11pm while I was asleep. Then I was staying at the Kopa DDF Rest Camp, where I was working at Registrar General’s office. I was woken up by the fury of the violent flood as it hit my door. The bed on which I was asleep was already floating on water and I had to jump and hold onto a roof truss in the house for a while.

“After a while, I them jumped out of the house through a small window and climbed up a large fig tree with three colleagues who were stationed at the camp. We spent the whole night up the tree. That was the longest night in my life. It was a terrible experience, and I kept on praying for God’s protection. I breathed a sigh of relief the following day around 11am when some villagers rescued us using a rope,” he explained.

He added: “I believe the single track will inspire many listeners. It’s God who protects us. It’s a privilege to be alive.”

Maposa grew up in Semba Village, Chief Marange.

He did his primary and secondary education at Mabvengwa and Mweyamutsvene Schools, respectively.

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