Madly in love with cheating wife

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Madly in love with cheating wife Chipo Kanyanani accused of cheating with her husband’s friend, Thomas Nhipura

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Tendai Gukutikwa

Weekender Correspondent

WHEN it comes to describing the pain of betrayal, words often fail many people. 

It is an unforgettable visceral experience.

This is the case of a Nyanga man who is nursing deep wounds of betrayal after discovering that his friend has been bedding his wife for the past year.

The heartbroken Martin Kanyanani of Muzika Village under Chief Saunyama has simply run out of superlatives to describe his friend, Thomas Nhipura’s deceitfulness. 

Kanyanani said he trusted Nhipura so much and would allow his wife, Chipo Kanyanani, to hang out with him.

He, however, claimed that despite Nhipura and Chipo’s illicit affair, he believes that the former seduced his wife. 

Just like the Biblical Hosea’s undying love for his unfaithful wife Gomer, Kanyanani continues to love Chipo.

The matter recently came to light at Chief Saunyama’s court as Kanyanani was demanding compensation from Nhipura for bedding his wife.

Nhipura defaulted the court hearing.

During the court hearing, Kanyanani professed his undying love for Chipo. 

“Although she cheated on me, I still love my wife. I do not intend to surrender her to Nhipura or her parents. My love for her never changed after I heard about the affair. She even confessed to me. I just felt betrayed, but I still need her as my wife. 

“I cannot make silly decisions based on her single mistake. He lured and seduced her,” he said.

Kanyanani claimed that he was the last one in Muzika Village to know of Nhipura and Chipo’s affair.

“They were doing it in public but all along I thought they were just being friendly. What irks me the most is that my wife was pregnant during the time of their fling. Many people are even suggesting that the child she was carrying might not be mine. I know the child is mine but people are insisting that I might not be the father and that hurts,” he said.

He said he wants Nhipura to ask for forgiveness and pay for his sins.

“All I need is for justice to prevail. He was sleeping with my wife and they were frolicking all over the village behind my back. I want him to apologise and pay me for the pain that he has put me through. However he has nothing. I will therefore just settle for an apology from him. 

“He has been going around telling people that he will not compensate me or apologise. He actually tells everybody that I am a fool because I did nothing to him when he confessed to sleeping with my wife. 

“He says I am a toothless dog. Instead of being the victim, I am now the bad guy who disrupted the two’s affair,” said Kanyanani.

Speaking before the court, Chipo confirmed that she cheated on her husband with the herd boy. 

“I cheated with Nhipura but I do not know how it happened. Rumours went around until word landed in my husband’s ears. He confronted me and I confessed to him. He then went to Nhipura and he also confessed. I was wrong and fortunately my husband understands,” said the mother of one.

Chief Saunyama adjourned the matter to a later date to allow Nhipura to attend the court hearing.

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