Bitter Tenax FC refocuses

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Bitter Tenax FC refocuses Tenax have accepted their fate, and are now poised to launch yet another bid for a return into the top-flight league

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Ray Bande
Senior Reporter


AFTER an eventful offseason in which they fiercely contested the promotion of Bikita Minerals into the premiership, Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) outfit, Tenax FC have accepted their fate, and are now poised to launch yet another bid for a return into the top-flight league.

As the ZIFA Normalisation Committee noted, there were glaring irregularities in the manner that the Eastern Region Soccer League (ERSL) handled the Premiership promotion disciplinary process, and after being directed to follow proper disciplinary channels, Bikita Minerals were adjudicated the duly promoted side, meaning Tenax FC will be part of the ERSL cast this season.

With the technical set-up lead by head coach, Msendeki Kumbulani, assisted by Blessing Madombi, and Nisbert Mapaike as the team manager, Tenax FC are looking forward to conquering the league and gain promotion back into the coveted Premier league.

Accordingly, Tenax FC chairman, Stefani Masina said they are going ahead with their preparations with the Premiership promotion ticket in mind.

“We are preparing well and have done everything needed to kick-start the 2024 season. Our preparations are going on well and this coming Saturday, we are playing Rusitu in a cup game.

“Our ambition is very clear – to grab the ERSL championship ticket that was stolen from us last season. We will be equal to the task,” said Masina.

The Tenax FC boss expressed optimism that this season the league will be run professionally and the eventual winner will be decided in the field of play and not through boardroom decisions.

“Challenges are part of the game, but at the end of the day football must be the winner. Some of the issues should be highlighted before kick-off so that the league is run professionally.

“We should follow the rules of the game as stipulated in the constitution and not resort to the ‘Animal Farm’ system where some animals are more equal than others.

“Football will remain football, whether it is being played in Division One or Premiership. Rules should just be followed as they are internationally and that is our expectation,” said Masina.

As the start of the 2024 ERSL beckons, Tenax FC will have to deal with stiff competition posed by fellow PSL promotion aspirants, Mutare City Rovers and FC Wangu Mazodze, among others.

City of Mutare is set to have a total of six teams in the ERSL, which include Tenax FC, Mutare City Rovers, Manica Diamonds Juniors, Huku FC, Buffaloes and Destiny FC.


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