Hubby involved in accident with side chick

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DEAR Tete Joyie


My husband had an accident while driving with his lover.


He is now wheelchair bound for the rest of his life. Now, his family wants me to take care of him.

Tete Joyie says

I am truly sorry to hear about the difficult situation you are facing.


Taking care of someone in such circumstances can be incredibly challenging and emotionally draining.


Here are some steps you might consider:

1. Self-care: Prioritise your own well-being. It is essential to take care of yourself physically and emotionally during this difficult time. Seek support from friends, family, or a therapist if needed.

2. Open communication: Have an honest conversation with your husband’s family. Explain your feelings and concerns. It is crucial to express your emotions and boundaries clearly.

3. Seek legal advice: Consult a lawyer to understand your rights and responsibilities. Depending on your location, there may be legal obligations related to caregiving and financial support.

4. Support networks: Reach out to support groups for caregivers. Connecting with others who have faced similar situations can provide valuable insights and emotional support.

5. Professional help: Consider hiring professional caregivers or nurses to assist you. Caring for someone with long-term needs can be physically demanding, and having professional help can alleviate some of the burden.

6. Emotional boundaries: Set clear boundaries with your husband and his family.

Understand what you can realistically handle and communicate those limits.

Remember that you are not alone, and seeking professional advice and emotional support is crucial during this challenging time.


Take care of yourself, and don’t hesitate to ask for help when needed.


Dilemma over ex-hubby’s demands

DEAR Tete Joyie


My ex-husband and I divorced eight years ago when our son was two-years-old.


He ended up marrying the woman he cheated on me with.


They now have a five-year-old boy and my ex-husband wants my son to spend some time with his half brother. I am not comfortable with it.

Tete Joyie says

I understand that this situation can be emotionally complex and challenging. Let us explore some considerations:

1. Legal rights:

Separated siblings: In cases involving separated siblings, whether they are full siblings or half-siblings, they have an independent right of visitation with each other.


The civil court has jurisdiction to determine visitation between siblings, and the court considers what is in the best interests of all the children involved.

Best interests: Courts recognise the importance of sibling relationships and aim to ensure that half-siblings maintain adequate contact with each other.


The court will assess whether granting visitation is in the best interests of the children.

2. Your feelings: It is essential to acknowledge your feelings and concerns. You have a right to express your discomfort and set boundaries.

Consider why you feel uncomfortable.


Is it related to past emotions, trust issues, or other factors?

3. Communication: Have an open conversation with your ex-husband.


Express your feelings honestly and calmly.


Discuss your concerns about your son spending time with his half-brother.


Be willing to listen to his perspective as well.

4. Child’s well-being: Focus on your son’s well-being.


Consider how spending time with his half-brother might impact him.


If the arrangement is positive and enriching for both children, it could be beneficial.

5. Legal advice: Consult a lawyer to understand your legal rights and responsibilities.


Explore whether there are any legal obligations regarding visitation between half-siblings in your jurisdiction.

Remember that your feelings are valid, and it is essential to prioritise your son’s happiness and emotional health.


Seek professional advice and consider what will ultimately benefit both children.


If you are looking for advice on the tricky situation that you find yourself in, WhatsApp 0716069196 and Tete Joyie will assist you in solving your problem. Remember all those who write remain anonymous.

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