Footballer still in a coma

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Footballer still in a coma Jean-Pierre Adams

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CAPE TOWN. Former French international and Paris St Germain defender Jean-Pierre Adams is still in a coma 39 years after a botched knee operation.

Adams, who was born in Dakar in 1948, suffered what appeared to be a minor knee injury in 1981.

A procedure to fix the knee was expected to keep the French international out of action for a few months, however, according to The Sun, a near lethal dose of anaesthetic before the procedure left him in a coma.

As a result, Adams suffered a bronchospasm, which starved his brain of oxygen. He fell into a coma that he’s still in today, aged 73. In the 1990s, a court ruled that both the anaesthetist and trainee were given one-month suspended sentences, as well as a hefty fine. After 39 in a vegetative state, Adams is being cared for by his wife Bernadette, who has refused to pull the plug on his life support.

Jean Pierre Adams, 39 years in a coma due to a medical error

“People on Facebook say he should be unplugged… But he is not plugged! I just don’t have the courage to stop giving him food and water,” Bernadette revealed.

“He has a normal routine. He wakes up at 7, eats… He may be in a vegetative state, but he can hear and sit in a wheelchair.”

Marius Tresor, Adams’ former defensive partner disagrees with Bernadette’s stance.

“Even if Jean-Pierre woke up, he would not recognise anybody. So is it worth living like this? If a similar thing happened to me, I told my wife not to keep me here.”IOL

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