Fashion diva fix my look…Men’s winter hats, scarves, gloves

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Fashion diva fix my look…Men’s winter hats, scarves, gloves

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Ann Ruthenburg Fashion
What many people do not know is that feet, hands, head and neck are the places that if exposed in winter can contribute to you being colder than you should be.

Many of us concentrate on making sure we have adequate jackets or sweat shirts or jerseys. But when all is said and done, you will be amazed how many people still complain about the cold. I will tell you why? It’s because either your hands are cold, or your neck is cold or your feet are cold.

If you live in a place like Mutare in winter, the weather is confusing. Early morning is freezing up until 730am, then it is full sun (hot), then it starts to freeze again from about 430pm.

So dressing for work is a complicated affair when it comes to wearing boots, scarves, woollen hats and gloves. Another interesting thing to note is that indoors during the day is like being in a freezer regardless of the fact the sun is shining outside. Here are some idea’s to help you stay in style in winter at work and still be warm.

Hats and caps are tricky especially for men. The everyday man is very comfortable wearing a cap during winter. But caps are meant for Summer and sports.

Winter wear hats men, from woollen hats to suede hats
Now the point for men wearing a hat is to keep your head warm, so whatever you wear, you need to make sure you remove it when you get to work or your destination.

That being said, it means you need to be practical with what you wear on your head especially if you have long hair. This is where proper men’s hats, such as suede hats, otherwise known as gentlemen’s hats come into play. They allow you to be stylish, professional, yet still warm.

Scarves for men are probably like wearing a tie
Many Men simply wrap it around their neck as simply as they can, then off they go. But may I offer you another more fashionable simple way to wear your scarf which is as effective in the warmth category. Wrap your scarf around your neck, then tuck the ends under your jacket covering your chest.

Now this works better with silk, cotton, nylon or similar light fabrics.

Woollen scarves are thick and can sit to high under your chin making it uncomfortable to wear at work. However, if your building is warm, then go ahead and wear a woollen scarf to work which you can then remove when you are in the building. If tucking the whole scarf into your jacket or sweat shirt is too much for you, no worries, simply drape one end in front of your one shoulder, and the other one at the back. That’s simple but sleek.

Gloves as we know can be a necessary inconvenience for most men
Wearing them at work can almost be an impossible task when trying to work. I suggest you acquire what we call knuckle gloves. These gloves do not cover the whole finger, they end at the knuckles exposing the end part of your fingers. These gloves are favoured by hockey players and other sports people who have to grip their sporting tool.

In the same way this type of glove, which can be found in wool, cotton, leather, plastic, nylon and silk are extremely convenient for someone who has to use their finger a lot to work. The convenience of working whilst being able to wear gloves is awesome — men. On the other hand if you are not a glove person, but you need the warm hands, go ahead and wear normal gloves, which you can then remove when you get to work.

Be wary though men, that unlike women, who can get away with many fashion faux paus, you will be laughed at if you get to work colour blocked.

This season there is not a colour blocking one. Keep your hat, scarves and gloves down to basic earth colours that blend with your clothing. 

Happy winter people, until next week God bless.

Fashion Diva can be messaged on 0772933845 or may be found at K and K Hair Salon inside Meikles Department Store.

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