Black tie dress code for women

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Black tie dress code for women

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WHILE most people have heard of a black tie dress code, many still feel unsure as to what exactly it means.
While men have strict requirements for their suits, the dress code for women is more lenient. To dress for black tie, a floor-length dress or gown is the ideal outfit.
While you can get away with formal cocktail attire, a long dress is more elevated for the occasion. Choose a sophisticated look with a simple and feminine silhouette in an elegant colour.

Black tie optional
Black tie optional is more done-up than semi-formal while being a little more open and relaxed than the traditional black tie.
Essentially, to choose an outfit for this dress code, you want to look formal without looking like you are on your way to the Oscars.
Choose between a long dress or a formal, cocktail look to nail this dress code. A great option is to wear an ankle-grazing dress and statement jewellery.

Creative black tie
Creative, black tie is one of the more fun dress codes that you can experience. Think of it as a more contemporary and fashionable version of black tie. Don’t be afraid to get creative go slightly more avant-garde with this dress code.
Choose a formal gown with stand-out details, such as interesting shape or drape, unique embellishments or appliqué, or unusual fabric. You may also see this dress code pop up for theme parties, at which it is appropriate to dress in black tie with outfit accents that suit the theme.

Warm weather black tie
Warm weather, black tie is a dress code often called on for formal events held outdoors. You may see it on invitations for prestigious occasions on cruise lines, country club dinners, outdoor formal weddings and galas.
The traditional style of dress for this code includes a lightweight, long gown, white gloves and minimal jewellery. However, if you prefer not to wear gloves, long sleeves can be an excellent alternative.

White tie dress code
White tie is the highest level of dress code, so if you receive an invitation with it on, you better be ready to dress to the nines.
A full-length ball gown is completely essential for this glamorous occasion. Traditionally, long gloves have also been worn with this dress code. However, today they are more optional than essential. If you do wear gloves, keep them on while drinking and dancing and take them off for dinner. —

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