Bearing burdens: The Holy Qur’aan speaks

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“None shall bear the burden of another.” (Chapter 6 verse 164)

Indeed, each individual is responsible for his or her own deeds.  It is very clear that The Almighty will not question us regarding the deeds of others.

For as long as we fulfil our duties as ordained by The Almighty and we make sure that we have beautified ourselves with good character and conduct towards others, we need not worry about being questioned about how others behave.

We are being taught to look at ourselves and ensure that we rectify our own weaknesses, rather than go around pointing fingers at others.

There is no point in worrying about what others are doing when we need to attend to ourselves.

If each one of us makes a conscious effort to improve ourselves and promote goodness wherever we go, then that goodness will begin to prevail in community and society.

Otherwise, if we do not improve ourselves and keep going around finding fault in others, it may result in creating unnecessary tensions, thereby leading to animosity and hatred.

Whenever we find ourselves becoming more interested in the weaknesses of others, we should know that Satan is getting hold of us.

He wants us to turn a blind eye to our own faults and engage in what does not concern us, so that we will neither be able to please The Almighty nor be of any meaningful assistance to our fellow humans.

It is only when every individual makes an effort to eradicate his or her own weaknesses, that we will be able to stride forward and become exemplary for others as well as an asset to the community.

A suggested remedy, in this regard, is to allocate a few minutes at the end of each day to strictly reflect on our deeds of that day and on ways of increasing the good we do, as well as decreasing the bad we may be involved in


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