Your Surprise Wedding has done it!

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Your Surprise Wedding has done it!

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Ann Ruthenburg
SATURDAY 1 December, 2018 was a Your Surprise Wedding gift to Mr and Mrs Gwatura.

What a day it was. Hundreds of people from all walks of life turned up to witness this momentous occasion. Let me start by thanking everyone who supported this project. I will be eternally grateful to The Manica Post for allowing us to bring this wedding project to the people.

Your support cannot be taken for granted. Thank you, Daniel for introducing me to Pikitcha Africa Film producers.

Thank you, Tawanda for passionately putting Mr and Mrs Gwatura’s name forward to the Surprise Wedding Team for consideration. Thanks also go to Igi from Pikitcha Africa, for working overtime to make sure the filming and photographing of this project from are a total success.

Utate Gardens team, Tawanda, Praise and Dominic, we thank you for providing the venue for the bachelor party, kitchen tea, wedding ceremony and wedding reception. You handled the pressure professionally. The cost cannot be quantified.

Thank you to Mai Sachiti (Blue Tick Events) for your unwavering support with lining the roof and supplying tables.

Thanks go to Yadah Decor team for joining the Utate Decor group to transform the venue into a wedding venue.

The pictures say it all. Thank you to the Koils n Kurlz Hair & Beauty Salon, Tsitsi and Brenda for doing the full makeup, hair and nails for the bride and her team. Bravo for your professionalism.

Tarsilla, we are overwhelmed by your generosity in supplying eight wedding dresses/suits and 16 bridesmaids dresses.

Thank you to Angelina, for supplying the rings all the way from Harare.

Cordelia, we thank you for providing your Mercedes Benz for the bride.

That was either God or you being in the right place at the right time.

Thank you to Treddor and your partner for also providing transport when the designated vehicles got stuck in the fuel queue.

God bless you dear.

Thank you PHD Ministries for going over and above what was required to get additional chairs as the venue continued to fill up with hundreds of people throughout the day. God bless you.

To church mates, relatives and neighbours who formed the catering team deserve special thanks. You handled the catering professionally and the food was delicious.

We thank the Gwatura family members for providing all the food and drinks for the wedding. You handled the surprise and the pressure well, and came through speedily. Langton, you kept the communication clear between all the relevant teams. Didmore, you are Mutare’s amazing tailor. The work you did on the brides dress overnight was amazing.

And on top of it, you supplied a suit for the groom at the last minute when his original suit did not fit.

It was perfect.

Thank you to Emmerson, for supporting the project by giving an amazing suit for our next groom.

God bless you.

PHD Mutare, your gesture to provide the PA system and generator was marvellous for we could do without sound.

Tinashe, Eliah, Malvin, thank you for holding the DJ box up. It’s rare to see such unity and professionalism in the entertainment industry.

The master of ceremony was Farirai Borerwe, he was marvellous.

Kudo bro! Lastly, but not least, thank you to friends, relatives, church members and the Zororo neighbours, for all the support and encouragement you gave.

Hundreds of you turned up to witness and support the couple.

You completed the event.

Makorikoto, Amphlope, Congratulations to Baba naAmai Gwatura.

Wedding columnist, Ann Ruthenburg can be contacted on 0719933845.

Also visit Facebook page: Utate Gardens Mutare!

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