We are not power mongers: Sudan’s military

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We are not power mongers: Sudan’s military RSF Commander Mohamed Hamdan Daglo

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THE Vice-President of the Transitional Military Council (TMC) urged the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) to accept a genuine partnership with the Council reiterating that they do not covet power but want to be the guarantors of peaceful transition in Sudan.

Lt-Gen Mohamed Hamdan Daglo (Hemetti) made the remarks during a visit to Kober Prison, where he addressed inmates of the prison and expressed the Council’s desire to release the perpetrators of light financial irregularities.

Hemetti said that they were looking for a true partnership with the FFC, stressing that the demonstrators could not overthrow the regime without the intervention of the army and that the latter could not take power and remove al-Bashir without the popular demonstrations organized by the forces of change.

But he blamed the opposition groups pointing to their demand to have the presidency of the Sovereign Council of its members before to added, “we are unjustly treated”.

He said opposition forces wanted to control everything and that the army would go to the military barracks. However, he rejected this request, stressing that the army will not return to the barracks before the completion of the democratic transition in Sudan.

“We are the real guarantor of the Sudanese people until free and fair elections are conducted without manipulation or rigging, and then we reassure and return to our barracks,” he said.

He stressed that it is best for all to agree, especially that the country is exposed to many dangers on all fronts.

The dangers are “against us all and it is better to help each other and get to safety,” he stressed.

Negotiations between the military junta and the freedom and change forces have failed to reach agreement on the composition of the Sovereign Council, as both sides demand the presidency and the majority.

Opposition forces proposed a rotating presidency insisting that a majority of the 11-member council should be for them but the council rejected the proposal.

There are good offices to reconcile the two sides, but it is in its first stage and has not yet reached a result.

Hemetti also criticised international warnings to the military council demanding the handover of power to civilians, saying that they were concerned first and foremost with the interests of the Sudanese people.

“Have they succeeded in solving the problems they have created in other parts of the world? Look at Syria and look at Iraq, Libya and the like,” he wondered.

He also referred to the visits of ambassadors of Western countries to the sit-in and their remarks in support of the protesters’ demand for the civil rule.

Te Troika countries (the U.S. the UK and Norway two days ago issued a statement to remind the military junta that without the transfer of power to a civilian-led authority they will not be able to support the Sudanese economy. – (ST)

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