Wages of sin is death

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BLABBER does not celebrate death because doing so is not African. However, news reaching Yours Truly portray the dark side of our recently departed brother from this well known family.

Siblings in the family grew up in the midst of plenty, with the proverbial silver spoon, but of late are going through tough times. They had a luxurious life through a lucractive public transport business.

If you thought there is nothing in a name, then this family leaves you thinking twice.
Just as their family name has something to do with ruins, the state of affairs in the family depicts ruins of a once flourishing entity.

I am blabbering about one of the family members, this other pot bellied fella who was trying his luck through a car selling and washing business adjacent this popular building that has something to do with social security services.

As we all might know the guy was involved in a nasty accident that sadly took his life.
But, before this uncultured bozzo met his fate there were some nasty circumstances believed to have caused the tragic mishap.

What has reached Blabber’s ears is that before proceeding to the capital, our pot bellied trickster sped off from a car wash without paying a cent for the rendered services.

As if that was not enough, he proceeded to this service station somewhere close to this traffic circle.

And behold, when the fuel attended filled the tank, the deceased swindler produced a bank card with insufficient funds and sped away in Hollywood movie style.
Gentle reader, the real life drama goes on!

While on his way, he met a stranded motorist who wanted his car towed to the capital city.
Our boorish big brother charged $60 for the service. The demon of trickery overwhelmed him once again and pounced on the unsuspecting motorist. As he pulled the broken down vehicle, the towing rope got cut off and the fella sped off leaving the motorist stranded.

Unfortunately he did not go far after being involved in a fatal accident.
Such is the life; the wage of sin is death!
Female, dreadlocked blesser on the prowl

Blabber once penned about this other elderly lady who is going after young men in the city and stops at nothing in her pursuit to destroy young couple’s matrimonial unions.

When Yours Truly wrote about it, hope was that she would change her ways and the young men would also be forewarned.

However, it appears Blabber’s wise words have fallen on deaf ears and the moron’s immorality has pitched a level higher.

With her wrinkled skin that is testimonial of her advanced age and backed by some funds from the Diaspora, geriatric and filthy Jezebel is enticing young married men and causing some, young enough to be her grandsons, to desert their homes for her.

Her combination with this other murderous, dreadlocked former owner of an uptown brothel has given birth to an unholy alliance that threatens to annihilate the little that remains of our moral fabric.We all know how the dreadlocked woman murdered this thigh vendor in cold blood at her brothel, immediately earning the sexual rendezvous an embargo.

As long as Yours Truly is alive, I will not stand and watch while uncultured morons destroy the little that remains of our moral fabric.

rest my case!

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