Three districts now cholera-free in Manicaland

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Three districts now cholera-free in Manicaland Nyanga District has seen a worrying surge in suspected cholera cases, with 111 new cases being reported in the past week alone

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Tendai Gukutikwa
Health Reporter

COMPREHENSIVE and strategic interventions deployed by Government in partnership with development partners to tackle the cholera outbreak in Manicaland are bearing fruit, with three districts in the province being declared cholera-free.

In a post-Cabinet briefing on Tuesday, Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister, Dr Jenfan Muswere said the cholera outbreak has been eradicated in Chimanimani, Makoni and Nyanga districts, marking a major triumph in public health in the province.

“Incidences of new suspected cholera cases continue on a downward trend, with 10 districts having been declared cholera-free. The cholera-free districts are Nyanga, Chimanimani, Makoni, Mwenezi, Kwekwe, Gokwe North, Chirumanzu, Matobo, Umzingwane and Binga,” he said, adding that the Ministry of Health and Child Care will continue to monitor all gatherings to avert the re-emergence and spread of cholera and other diseases.

“Government wishes to express gratitude to church leaders and communities for their cooperation during the Easter holidays. As we gravitate towards a cholera-free situation, Government is urging all communities and religious leaders to uphold and observe good health and hygiene practices,” he said.

Chimanimani was in March last year declared as one of the 17 cholera hotspots in the country alongside Buhera, Chipinge and Mutare districts.

The disease ended up spreading to Nyanga, Makoni and Mutasa districts.

At one point, the province recorded more than 100 suspected cases per day.

Manicaland provincial health promotions officer, Mrs Agnes Mugumbate said following sustained efforts by health authorities, all districts in the province have witnessed a decline in cholera cases.

She said the province is currently recording one or two suspected cases per day.
Mrs Mugumbate said of late, Chimanimani, Makoni and Nyanga districts have not been recording both suspected or confirmed cases.

“The timely implementation of preventive measures, robust surveillance and community awareness campaigns played a pivotal role in achieving this milestone. The province managed to contain the outbreak, especially during the Easter holidays. We had feared that there would be an upsurge, but since April 1, the province has recorded only 19 suspected cases. These are just suspected cases, some of which after laboratory tests may not be confirmed as such,” she said.

A Zimbabwe Situational Report on cholera released on Tuesday, of the 19 suspected cases the province recorded, 17 were confirmed.

“The ministry’s proactive response to the cholera crisis has led to the significant decline of cases and community engagement and rapid intervention were key factors in achieving this status. Our commitment to sanitation, hygiene, and early detection of cholera cases has also paid off,” she said, adding that communities should remain vigilant and wary of the disease.

“Our cases have significantly gone down, but communities should not relax. They should continue practicing all preventive measures they have been practicing like hand washing and food hygiene as well as every other preventative measure,” she said.

Mrs Mugumbate said they will continue monitoring and raising awareness in communities to ensure a cholera-free province.

The ministry recently decommissioned cholera treatment centres in initial hotspots where cases had gone down.


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