Relief for Mutare hailstorm victims

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Relief for Mutare hailstorm victims Hailstorm completely destroyed the 23 families’ houses

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Tendai Gukutikwa
Post Correspondent

AT least 23 of the 100 families in Mutare District that had their houses damaged by hailstorm last month have received temporary shelter from Government and development partners.

Hailstorm completely destroyed the 23 families’ houses.

They also received foodstuff hampers from Zimbabwe Red Cross Society.

Mutare District Development Coordinator, Mr Wilson Boore, said: “Zimbabwe Red Cross Society came on board, and assisted the survivors with tents and foodstuffs. After hearing of their plight, they swiftly responded, and all beneficiaries were from Ward 34.

“Some houses were badly damaged, so Government approached development partners for assistance.

‘‘The people were very much appreciative of Government and development partners’ efforts to assist them. The hailstorm left a trail of destruction, and destroyed more than 100 households including schools in the district,” he said.

Families from wards 20 and 34 had roofs of their houses blown off and walls destroyed.

Mr Boore, however, said Government was still working with other development partners to ensure that all victims receive relief.

The hailstorm also destroyed property at clinics and schools that include Munyarari, Jaricha and Revesai among other villages.

Also destroyed were Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) poles and cables.

“Munyarari Clinic was heavily affected as the whole clinic block which comprised of six rooms was destroyed. The dispensary, labour, vaccination, consultation and observation rooms’ roofs were blown off,” said Mr Boore.

He said medication from the dispensary was also damaged, and the few remaining drugs had to be taken to Chiringaodzi Clinic for safekeeping.

Munyarari Primary and Chinyauhera secondary schools were the most affected schools in the area.

School blocks and teachers’ houses were destroyed, leaving some teachers homeless with their property in the open.
“The bulk of their property was also destroyed,” he said.


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