Mutare rural gears for development

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Mutare rural gears for development Mazonwe Secondary classroom block

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Moffat Mungazi
Post Reporter

MUTARE Rural District Council (MRDC) is primed for growth and social transformation through the implementation of various programmes anchored on improved service delivery to achieve Vision 2030.

The local authority’s chairperson, Councillor Hopewell Muzaeni said they are rolling out several developmental projects in communities across the district.

Merit award

Councillor Mazaeni was speaking in an interview after becoming the second runner-up in the Chairperson for Rural District Councils category during the announcement of last year’s performance evaluation results and signing of performance contracts for senior public officials recently.

Mutare RDC beat 59 other councils to be among the top three, which saw Councillor Muzaeni being conferred with an award by President Mnangagwa

He said was it was an honour to receive the award, attributing it to the local authority’s quest to foster inclusive development and social transformation across the district.

“As Mutare RDC, we prioritise meeting the people’s aspirations and expectations to ensure that no one and no place is left behind developmentally. The drive is to attain an empowered and prosperous upper middle income economy by 2030 through service delivery and infrastructural development.

“This award is essentially in recognition of the good and hard work we are doing after it was scientifically measured. However, it challenges us as a local authority to work even harder by improving the people’s standards of living, while also creating a conducive environment for businesses.

“We are following the exemplary leadership of President Mnangagwa’s hands-on approach to development issues. My fellow councillors, management and entire staff deserve plaudits for putting their shoulder to the wheel in delivering quality service,” he said.

Accelerated service delivery

Councillor Muzaeni said the local authority upholds tenets of efficient distribution of resources, integrity, transparency, accountability and impartiality in its administration.

“Last year we managed to surpass set targets in terms of revenue collection as we collected 139 percent. We channelled the proceeds towards critical areas in our quest to deliver quality and affordable service. All the resources were deployed for local development,” he said.

He said the projects and programmes they are implementing are driven by the key pillars in the National Development Strategy (NDS1).

The council’s commitment to robust infrastructure development, improved health services and access to quality education through essential and strategic facilities remains unwavering.

Sustainable environment conservation, management

For sustainable environmental conservation and management, Mutare RDC partnered with the Forestry Commission to mobilise and distribute 10 000 gum tree seedlings for its afforestation programme across the district.

Mutare Rural District Council chairperson Councillor Hopewell Muzaeni

Mutare Rural District Council chairperson Councillor Hopewell Muzaeni

The local authority surpassed its target of planting 3 600 trees in all the wards.

Ward development initiatives

Councillor Muzaeni said the local authority places value ploughing back into the communities and implementing programmes.

“Our plough back initiatives are hinged on developing the wards. These include purchase of material required for various projects and in line with Sustainable Development Goal Number Four, which spells out accessing quality, inclusive and equitable education for all. Mutare RDC is paying schools fees for 10 selected underprivileged children in each of our 36 wards,” he said.

Road to Vision 2030

Last year Government launched the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme (ERRP) following heavy rains that damaged most of the roads in both rural and urban areas countrywide.

Funds were released funds to local authorities for road construction and rehabilitation.


Roads are key infrastructure and a great economic enabler that promotes the efficient movement of people and seamless transportation of goods. Trafficable roads provide a major highway to Vision 2030.

Good road networks enhance the ease of doing business for commerce, farmers and communities.

Mutare RDC chief executive, Mr Shepherd Chinaka said they have completed major road maintenance works.

“Road maintenance in the district was five-fold above the target. We improved our fleet of machinery and recently procured an excavator. Mutare RDC received its full allocation of ERRP funds and put them to good use. Most of the roads in the district are now up to standard as we did motorised grading on them.


The recently opened Madanha Clinic

The recently opened Madanha Clinic

“These include 18 Miles-Manzununu (Wards 14 and 21), Matura (Ward Seven), Rufuka-Mutseyabako (Ward 22), Endrag (Ward One), Blue Mountain (Ward 33), Chitora-Mambwere (Ward 21), Odzi-Guy (Ward Three) and Marange Mutizha (Ward Nine),” he said.

Devolution drive

Mr Chinaka said devolution funds received from Government have been a shot in the arm for Mutare RDC.

“The devolution funds are spurring growth, with various projects and programmes being implemented and spread across the district.

Most wards are witnessing meaningful development as a result.

Mutare RDC’s coordinated activities for efficient resources mobilisation and their effective use with other Government departments, development partners, stakeholders, businesses and local communities is bearing fruit.

“Mutare RDC has completed the construction of a classroom block at Mazonwe Secondary in Ward Seven, while work on Odzi Community Hall (Ward 31) is progressing well. Standard market shelters, complete with ablution facilities, were also constructed at Rowa (Ward 14), Matongo (Ward 18) and Odzi township (Ward 31). The facilities are bringing better service to the beneficiaries and have empowered them in their enterprises,” he said.

Mr Chinaka said the health and well being of communities is also at the centre of their service delivery drive to increase access to primary healthcare.

“The communities in Ward 36 and surrounding areas are now enjoying enhanced health services following the opening of Madanga Clinic. A total of 43 new boreholes were sunk throughout the district, the majority of which were under the Presidential Borehole Drilling Scheme. Another 120 were repaired, while 15 were rehabilitated.


“Three new piped water schemes were also commissioned at Marewo (Ward 17), Zvipiripiri (Ward 16) and Ngomasha (Ward 12) to improve water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) conditions in the beneficiary communities. This has also drastically reduced the distance people travel to fetch the precious resource. For the borehole projects we partnered Rural Infrastructure Development Agency (RIDA), Salvation Army and Care Takunda,” said Mr Chinaka.

He said the local authority is working on providing serviced stands in Odzi and Zimunya, and has already submitted plans with the Department of Special Planning in the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works.

This, he said, is meant to deliver land for rural housing and increase access to social amenities, thereby also contributing to the cumulative 220 000 housing units Government is targeting to deliver for both rural and urban communities by next year.


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