Kavengere produces Nyanga’s first packaged drama

12 Aug, 2016 - 00:08 0 Views

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Collen Mharadzano Nyanga Correspondent
THE resort of Nyanga which is internationally acclaimed for its prime tourist sites has for the first time been immersed into publicity through the mighty hand of theatre arts.

Tinashe Kavengere, a publicity shy guy has written a drama which will make the legendary Shakespeare nod his head in appreciation of his creative genius.

It is simply titled The Nyanga I Know, a drama that explores the everyday life of people, who are not necessarily domiciled in this sleeping economic giant, but elsewhere in the world.

The drama explores the hideous lifestyle which married couples live every day, the hypocrisy which some married man have adopted in their lives as they pursue little innocent girls using their fat purse to deflower them.

There are essential life lessons which society can take aboard which drama brings to the fore.

That living a lie especially among men can only accelerate the downfall of household institution as poverty becomes the norm in their houses, which the family unit has to impart values to its children especially the girl child who is vulnerable to the whims of uncouth man whose insatiable desire for extra-marital sex knows no boundaries.

Essentially, the drama has indeed the critical free lecture which brings the family unit as the centre of humanity’s morality or lack of it.

The budding actors who took centre stage in the drama are the script writer and originator of the drama, Tinashe Kavengere who appears in the drama as Rodgers, a cheating husband with huge appetite for little girls who in the drama dates a young vivacious girl, Cindy, a role played by Karen Mambemba.

There is also Mai Kim, the wife to Rodgers, a role which was expertly played by Caroline Vore. The role of Cindy’s mother was executed by Judith Mapani whose advice to young girls and women will live a lasting impression in their lives if only they can take heed of it. Other characters of note in the drama are Babamunini Igwe, a role mastered well by Tawanda Kavengere and Blacks,the character who lures the little girls to these old men, a role which was played by Denver Mudondo.

What is exciting about this new project is the intentions by the script writer Tinashe Kavengere to produce a second episode.

This can only be timely in that it creates employment for the hordes of youth who are hunting for green pastures.

If the production crew decides to continue harping on the moral issues which they unveiled in the first episode, then society will be ultimately be enriched.

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