He was bound to breach lockdown rules

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He was bound to  breach lockdown rules

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JUDGING by his uncontrolled love for the waters of wisdom, I knew he would face challenges in adjusting to the Covid-19 lockdown regulations.

What I could not predict was the way he would go about it.

The boy literally swims in alcohol, but over the years he has somehow managed to keep up appearances, especially when he is working.

This respected officer is sometimes a nuisance, especially after having one too many.

He often firmly grips the hand in what is supposed to be a simple greeting.

Blabber wonders how he is coping with the need for physical distancing given his love for firm handshakes.

They call him by a name that sounds like a shortcut of a full name.

Word reaching Yours Truly is that our dear officer of the law was recently on the wrong side of the same principles he toils hard to protect.

He was caught pants down breaching the lockdown regulations.

As he was having his usual lager at an outlet in the Central Business District, the gentleman suddenly found that he had been taken into the custody of State security personnel.

As an officer who fully understands what the law says, he chose to play the poster boy stunts instead of negotiating for his freedom.

Witnesses were shocked when he suddenly started doing some press-ups, rolling on the ground and claiming to be above the law.

Alas, the State security personnel were not from his unit and were having none of his antics.

Blabber will not delve into what transpired thereafter.

We need to save the little that remains of this officer’s reputation.

After all, Blabber is humane and is determined to preserve the little that remains of the moral fabric that keeps us going.

For the record, Blabber does not enjoy penning about colleagues in this profession or associate professions.

However, Yours Truly is human and has limits. Dear colleagues, please take note of that important reminder.

Stay safe in these difficult times.

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