Epic performances at Manicaland Motoring Club

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Epic performances at Manicaland Motoring Club Feli Nandi was at her usual best during her debut performance at Manicaland Motoring Club

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Liberty Dube
Entertainment Correspondent

MANICALAND Motoring Club registered yet another historic feat after thousands of fun lovers filled up the spacious joint to watch epic performances by Zimbabwe’s top performers at a flawless event held last week on Saturday.

Post Entertainment established that around 4 500 people paid to watch their favourite artistes performing from around 3pm.

Jah Prayzah, Feli Nandi, ExQ and Rutendo Jackie were some of the musicians who put up scintillating performers and left revellers clamouring for more.

By the time one of the country’s much sought-after artiste, Jah Prayzah, jumped on to the stage after midnight, revellers were already in ecstasy.

Songstress, Feli Nandi and Rutendo Jackie and the evergreen ExQ had already done the job.

Rutendo Jackie, backed by the Afro Blue Band, was elegantly dressed and showed stage maturity in terms of communicating with her fans.

Clad in a colorful apparel done by her fashion label, Okoso, she belted some of her most popular songs such as Zarira Nzira, Masango, Handidi Nhamo, Musandisiye and Kumafaro.

Feli Nandi, who was meeting her legion of fans for the first time at the venue, did not disappoint after putting up a top drawer performance.

Revellers sung along to hits such as Mubayei and Ndoona iwe.

She also showed her versatility by strumming congas and dancing on stage.

Enock Munhenga, fondly known as ExQ, performed after Feli Nandi and flawlessly sent fans, especially ladies, into delirium.

His choreography was on point as his dancers and instrumentalists collaborated well.

He kept fans on their feet with a blend of new and hot hits such as Sweeter, Bhachura, Misikanzwa, PayaPaya and Ndide Ndikude which features Ammara Brown.


Part of the sell-out crowd that attended the epic show at Manicalanad Motoring Club last Saturday

Part of the sell-out crowd that attended the epic show at Manicalanad Motoring Club last Saturday

A few minutes after ExQ’s fine performance, a familiar song echoed from the stage.

It was Tenda, plucked from Jah Prayzah’s new album, Chiremerera.

Of late, the lanky musician has been appearing on stage with the soulful song.

The song is about thanksgiving.

It is a powerful sing-along well crafted song and Jah Prayzah presents it in a way that captures the hearts and souls of many.


It is a master class.

He lit the stage with an avalanche of danceable tracks, a bulk of them from his yesteryear albums such as Chengetedza, Mdara Vachauya, Hello (Mwanangu), Goto, Seke Mutema, Hakata and Chimwe nechimwe.

Jah Prayzah was evidently excited to reunite with his beloved fans in Mutare.

As soon as he jumped off the stage, people walked away to their respective cars and called it a day.

Indeed, it was a refreshing good morning.


The man-of-the-moment himself had done the job, splendidly.

The PA system, provided by Devine Assignments, was on point, while security was excellent, despite some glitches particularly at the ordinary gates where some fans struggled to get into the venue due to a stampede.


One of the organisers, Spyrex Entertainment, described the event as a success.

“It exceeded our expectations. We would like to thank the people of Mutare for exuding discipline and enjoying the event in peace,” he said.


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