Chipinge School hosts arts festival

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Last Friday, Chipinge Junior School was the place to be as it hosted the 2018 DASSAF (District Science, Sports and Arts Festival) which is a culmination of arts, sports and massive displays which would have been competed for from school, zonal and cluster levels. Winners would go to the provincial jamboree as the national extravaganza beckons in the third term.

Schools from all the corners of Chipinge rendezvoused at the school for the annual fête which is a result of the new curriculum thrust and students showcased their talents in various areas of human endeavour. One could see the talent exuded by the boys and girls from the ECD up to the Advanced levels. Parents and teachers proudly clapped hands as Chibuwe High School drum majorettes took to the stage and showed how they had rehearsed and perfected their art.

National Association of Primary School Heads (NAPH) and National Association of Secondary School Heads (NASH) were the brains behind the event, which also included the Science Fair. The two organisations expressed satisfaction at the success of the event.

‘‘We are happy that as a district, we had a successful event and judging by the performance here, we expect winners in the provincial competitions which would be held soon. I would like to thank the teachers and students for making this day very worthwhile,’’ one of the organisers and Mbeure School headmaster, Mr Caleb Sithole said.

Soccer, rugby, netball, volleyball, basketball, women soccer, quiz, drama, painting, art, modelling and golf were some of the aspects competed for by various schools.

Garahwa School netball team was the toast of the day as it beat every school on its way to cement its reputation as the best netball school in the district. In the past, Garahwa net-ballers were ‘‘poached’’ by elite school because of their netball prowess.

‘‘It is in this regard that we as a Ministry, say no child must be left behind. One can earn a living through art or sports,’’ Mr Tapiwa Dhlakama, an Education Inspector, said. One of the models, Hannah Chitaka, from Chipinge High School was happy that students are given an opportunity to put their best foot forward. ‘‘We are born with different talents and the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education has afforded us a chance to show the world that we can model just like our counterparts in the cities,’’ she said.

Parents also noted that the new curriculum has made them see another dimension of the role of education in empowering children. Mrs Bridgitta Mundeta of Gaza said the exhibition was an eye opener to her as she saw some good paintings and works of art from the children of varying ages.

‘‘Wow, I saw fantastic paintings; those kids can earn a living from painting. Gone are the days when academic ability was the only thing that transformed lives,’’ she said

Winners wait for the day when they will meet other competitors from other districts in Manicaland.

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