BLABBERMOUTH: ‘Will Rome stand in awe of one man?’

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BLABBERMOUTH: ‘Will Rome stand in awe of one man?’ Towntalk with Blabbermouth


IN his famous political masterpiece, renowned playwright, William Shakespeare makes use of the character Brutus.

In Act 2, Scene 1, Brutus’ servant enters with a letter discovered near the window.

Brutus reads the letter, which accuses him of sleeping while Rome is threatened: “Brutus, thou sleep’st. Awake, and see thyself”.

Brutus interprets the letter as a protest against Caesar: “Thus must I piece it out: Will Rome stand in awe of one single man? Really, Rome?”.

Just as these Shakespeare characters mooted on how they could help Rome, those in authority in our beloved law enforcement unit should be mauling about ways to rid the force of this other bad apple that has become law unto himself.

His first name is reminiscent of a popular Biblical king.

He is short, stout, dark in complexion and bearded.

He usually spots a haircut similar to that of ghetto youths, least expected of a law enforcer.


He drives a white vehicle whose registration number will be published on this column soon.

He is barely experienced as an officer of the law and was only promoted last year.

What surprises Blabber is how this chap has become ungovernable within the force to the extent of reporting for duty as and when he wants.

He also refuses to be transferred from our beautiful city to that other dormitory town.

He is also marked present in the register, even when he is not at work.

For those struggling to identify this shameless goon, he is the one who goes around collecting bribes from illegal diamond and gold dealers, as well as second hand clothes smugglers.

Blabber is informed that these dealers are required to pay weekly and monthly ‘subscriptions’ to him.


If any dealer fails to meet the demand, they are threatened with arrest.

Dear reader, this bozo has become too powerful in the force to the extent that if any officer tries to arrest or arrests anyone who bribes him, the officer is transferred.

To this, Blabber has real evidence.

Yours Truly has seen how things have been going on smoothly in his private life owing to the proceeds of corruption.


Blabber now has addresses to the two houses he is building simultaneously.

One is in that other city where they never sleep in a suburb whose name has to do with the sunset, while the other house is right here in our beautiful city in that mountain that keeps rising.

While many of us, including high ranking officials, are finding it difficult to build one decent house, he is building two simultaneously.

Dear reader, Blabber would need acres of space to exhaust the acts of corruption being perpetrated by this shameless man.

Blabber will go ahead, not only in exposing more of his corrupt deeds, but in also exposing his sexual shenanigans.

Just watch this space!


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