BLABBERMOUTH: This bozo is just a menace to society

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BLABBERMOUTH: This bozo is just a menace to society Towntalk with Blabbermouth

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WHILE Blabber, in most cases, presents his issues in jest, gentle reader, there are other issues that Yours Truly wants to be taken seriously and this is just one of them.

Only a fortnight ago, Yours Truly blabbered about this other law enforcer who has become a demi god in the force and he literally treats the entire force like his father’s tuck shop.

Blabber is reliably informed that the boy has declared war on Blabber, and is currently putting in place systems to identify and harm Yours Truly.

Just some friendly advice to this unfriend-able goon, you will end up attacking the wrong and innocent people in the name of vengeance.


All you need is to change your ways and start behaving semunhu akabva kunevanhu!

We all remember how Blabber graphically explained how this shameless chap has become ungovernable within the force to the extent of reporting for duty as and when he wants, and let alone adamantly refusing to be transferred from our beautiful city to that other dormitory town.

Just like his first name, which is reminiscent of a popular Biblical king, the bare skinned bozo is ‘ruling’ our beloved force with reckless abandon, albeit being a low ranking officer.

Word reaching Yours Truly is that this social misfit recently fired gunshots in that other area where this other precious mineral is mined.

Gentle reader, get it from me, the situation did not warrant any gunshots and furthermore, gunshots are not allowed in this area as this might lead us back to the days of struggling to market our precious mineral.

This is common cause and we all wonder how on earth those in control, or even his handlers, are watching while this goon behaves in a retrogressive manner.

In fact, his acts will soon expose his handlers, and his handlers should reign him soonest.

For the benefit of those still struggling to make out who exactly Blabber is writing about, he is none other than the short, stout, dark in complexion and bearded chap.

He usually spots a haircut similar to that of ghetto youths, least expected of a law enforcer.

Being a proponent of the preservation of the little that remains of our moral fabric, Yours Truly will not keep hands akimbo when some of our dear brothers are taking their acts of nincompoopery into public spheres.

Oh by the way, what is this that we hear about this other young dreadlocked chap who is driving a white luxurious vehicle, but word doing rounds is that he is being used by his parents to make money for the family.

The family owns a building at that other popular shopping centre that has a human male name located in one of our low density suburbs.

Blabber is only waiting to hear some wedding bells ringing for this boy so that Yours Truly knows that people around him are lying and probably being jealous of him.

I rest my case!


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