BLABBERMOUTH: An axe that knows no sacred tree

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BLABBERMOUTH: An axe that knows no sacred tree Towntalk with Blabbermouth

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FOR a long time, Blabber thought he was the only axe that knew no sacred tree.

Yours Truly was wrong!

There is this other axe that also know no sacred tree. However, the only difference is our core business.

Unlike Blabber who knows no sacred tree when it comes to exposing the rot in our community, this other axe, dear reader, knows no sacred tree when it comes to pouncing on other people’s wives, including his close ones’ wives.

He is an employee at that other major service provider in our beautiful city.

In fact, he is the man in charge in that other department that deals with the provision of this precious liquid that we have been getting in drops in recent weeks.

Who knows, the reason we have not been getting this precious liquid reliably could be that the man in charge of the department is now investing more time searching for and dating married women.

His first name is similar to a certain Biblical prophet who was known for his messages relating to social justice and God’s omnipotence.

His surname has something to do with that cereal that some of us used to carry to school in our lunchboxes back in the village.

He stays in that other suburb whose name has something to do with water.

Blabber has been following the story of his abnormal appetite for the horizontal mambo game and shocking details that reveal his proclivity towards married women have emerged.

Could it be about juju?

Blabber is aware of how some lurid messages were once intercepted.

His lover’s husband, a workmate, moved out of his matrimonial home because of the issue.

Little did the husband know that by moving out, he was giving the sex pest 24/7 access to his wife.

Just as he heard that the sexual predator was now visiting his home, even in broad daylight, the man went back home with Concorde speed.

Only two months ago, the sexual predator’s house was reduced to rubbles and Blabber suspects that this was an act of revenge from those whose bedrooms were invaded by this social misfit.

By the way, Blabber is now tying the loose ends on this other juicy one involving a former diamond dealer of the Chirandu totem, the young brother to this other public bus operator, whose wife was bonked for over US$300 by this other infamous businessman who operates a popular hardware downtown.

The bus company’s name is reminiscent of a certain city in a southern neighbouring country.

Those in the know are saying the woman was surprised to see a mopani worm in our businessman’s pants, given the way the man was pestering her before she finally gave in.

Blabber understands that the couple has since relocated to that other city that never sleeps.
Oh, Oh, Oh, before Yours Truly signs off.

What is this that we hear about sex workers who were smiling all the way back home after a boom in business that came with a certain national conference that drew participants from all corners of the country to our beautiful city.

Blabber is informed that, for some time, sex workers withdrew enmasse from the truck drivers’ business area towards the border, and relocated to the splendour and grandeur of hotels and lodges around our city where officials for this conference were booked.

Blabber is ashamed to mention that the officials are none other than the respected men in charge of our schools.



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