Women shoplifters cornered

24 Aug, 2018 - 00:08 0 Views
Women shoplifters cornered

The ManicaPost

Wimbainashe Zhakata Post correspondent

TWO Mutare women are in trouble after they were caught on camera stuffing groceries into their bags at a local retail store.

The two, Euna Makapu (27) and Rujeko Muroyi (23) of house number 1820 Hobhouse 2 high density suburb, were apprehended by security guards at Pick n Pay supermarket in Mutare city after being spotted on camera behind the till point loading groceries worth $92,41 in their bags.

The retail store’s loss control officer, Mr Josephat Nyamudoka, said the suspects stole two 625ml bottles of Nivea lotion, dish cloths, dark n lovely hair products and two 1kg beef polony rolls.

“While Makapu was shoving the groceries in the bag, Muroyi tried to shield her friend from the camera,” he said.

The duo was subsequently taken to Mutare Central Police station.

Makapu said she took the groceries because she had seen other shoppers doing the same and getting away with it the previous day.

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