When sorry isn’t good enough

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Tendai Gukutikwa Weekender Correspondent

A VENGEFUL Mutare woman who is alleged to have cursed her husband’s lover is refusing to accept compensation from her tormented rival.

Grace Nyachiro is neighbours with her husband’s alleged lover, Veronica Mubaro.

Nyachiro dragged Mubaro to Mutare Civil Courts last week on Friday as she was seeking a protection order.

The two appeared before Ms Nyasha Kuture, who went on to order them to observe each other’s peace.

The feuding pair appeared in the same court a few months ago over the same matter.

“I do not want her appeasement, she should keep her cow, I do not want it,” said Nyachiro.

“She was having an affair with my husband and should reap what she sow. When I confronted her over the affair, she called me names and went around telling everyone who cared to listen that I have evil spirits and that I am HIV positive. Now that everything is going wrong in her life, why should she appease me with a cow and try to make peace with me?”

Nyachiro claimed that God is punishing Mubaro, adding that only He can forgive her.

In her defence, Mubaro told the court that she had been wrongfully accused of cheating with Nyachiro’s husband. She said at the time in question, she was happily married.

Mubaro said Nyachiro cursed her, thereby leading to the mishaps that are haunting her.

“She cursed me Your Worship. Those who were around heard her saying the words. Within a few months, my husband died in mysterious circumstances.

“I am living in constant fear of this woman. I do not know what else she has planned for me. However, I never had an affair with her husband. It baffles me how she came to that conclusion,” she said.

Mubaro said she had tried going to Nyachiro’s relatives so that they could mediate, all to no avail.

“I am so sorry, but the truth is that I was never in love with your husband. I never disclosed your HIV status. I am asking for your forgiveness,” Mubaro begged during the court session.

However, Nyachiro would hear none of it.

She insisted that she wanted a protection order, not an apology.

Ms Kuture granted the protection order in her favour.

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