What to dress at the Agricultural Show

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What to dress at the Agricultural Show

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Hello Mutare, how are you all this week or shouldn’t I ask kkkkkk?

This week, I was reminded about one of Mutare’s important events . . . “The Agriculture Show”.

I have to admit, the last few weeks I have been void of anything interesting happening in our city. I have been getting to work before the sun comes up and returning when the moon is up.

I have also stayed off most of the social media chats an media as a whole. Shame on me I know, but sometimes folks, you just have to work out your season in life without the influence of the outside world. You know what I mean?

Anyway back to the agricultural show. I remember going there several times and without fail the wind does not disappoint.

There is something about the weather during the agriculture show that assures you that there will be lots of beautiful sun and with it, lots of wind. One year I wore a dress that flared at the bottom . . . what a big mistake.

I spent the whole time holding the dress bunched on one side to stop it from flying up over my hips. That memory and the site of other women struggling to walk around the grounds brought me to today’s article

What’s best to wear when

attending the agricultural show.

Unlike other shows held throughout the year such as the annual “horse racing”, where fashionista’s bring out their best hats, heels, suits etc, the agricultural shows are meant to be a family affair.

The point is for the whole family and friends to walk around socialising and site seeing, getting educated and enjoying the festivities in the arena.

Having said this, one needs to keep in mind that “comfort” first is the key word. Dress comfortably people. Let’s start with your head cover.

Caps or hats are essential and I am not joking. There are so many people that collapse during agricultural shows all over the country because of the heat.

There also many people who get home with terrible headaches because of being exposed to too much sun on the day. Regardless of your skin shade or whether you have a weave to cover your head, you need a hat.

Sun glasses are also a must. The amount of dust that gets into people’s eye’s is unimaginable. Sun glasses are not a have to, but they are an essential part of your wardrobe when it comes to protecting your eyes.

The darker the glasses the better of cause, simply because you are protecting your eyes against the wind and the glaring sun.

Sunburn: this is going to sound strange to some of you, but whether your skin shade is blue black or pink or vanilla, you need to protect your skin from sunburn.

If you do not think you burn ladies, check your shoulders after you have been in the sun for a while if you are wearing a tank top or strapless top.

I can almost assure you that there will be a boundary line from where your bra was or your strap was that is lighter than the rest of your shoulder.

That means the rest of your skin around that was burnt. It’s quite simple. Many people especially younger people will prefer to wear tank tops during such events, but throw a chiffon scarf around your exposed shoulders every now and again, or wear sun screen.

Umbrella’s will give adequate cover, but the wind will keep blowing it away.

Skirts or dresses: I would strongly suggest you do not attempt to wear a skirt or a dress that has a flared bottom on this occasion. It can never be fun to walk around trying to hold the bottom of your dress down because the wind is lifting it up.

Now there is nothing wrong with wearing a dress or skirt that is stiff or thick material, because it probably will not blow up, but why take the chance. My best advice would be to wear denims, loose trousers, ¾ pants etc. Comfort, comfort, comfort.

Shoes: there is dust everywhere, so wearing slippers or similar shoes is not wise. Wearing shoes with heels is also not wise. My suggestion is pumps, takkies, sandals etc.

I know especially the young people like to take advantage of these events to show off that latest fashion. That’s cool  but be wise and respectful in your fashion sense when you are attending the agriculture show.

There are hundreds of people there, some might appreciate unslightly dressing, but most will not. It’s not about you, it’s up to you.

That’s it from me folks, see you at the Agricultural show, or same time this place next week. God bless.


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